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Nov 21, 2008 01:06 PM

Most overused phrases...

in food reviews! I stole this post from another food-geared website, and I think its an interesting topic. The examples the original poster gave was "cloying" and "toothsome"...and I completely agree! Expanding upon the original post, what are the most overused phrases, words, or flat out cliche' things in food reviews?

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  1. This probably belongs on the Media board; you might want to check out an earlier thread first...

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    1. re: tatamagouche

      This is not something I read often on this board, but I run across it all the time in local and other media... to die for.

      1. re: Marge

        I'll see your "amazing" and raise you an "awesome". I can't decide which annoys me more. Both are general superlatives with no inherent appicability to food.

        Several days ago I went so far as to search the boards for these and other grating cliches, in contemplation of starting a thread such as this. Then I thought better of it, realizing that the easily amazed will continue to be so.....Here is the tally: delicious - 21,447...tasty - 15,858...amazing - 15,482...awesome - 8,064...yummy - 6,151...yum -4004...delightful - 3432....delectable - 604...luscious - 575...scrumptious - 393...toothsome - 203...ambrosial - 29.

        It is of some small consolation that so far at least, delicious and tasty are used more often than Valleyspeak buzzwords.

      2. eclectic



        flavor explosion

        yummy(biggest; pet peeve! really? you are a paid journalist and you are using the term YUMMY?)

        splurge worthy

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        1. re: nkeane

          This is kind of off the topic, but I hate how whenever chefs are asked how they view their cuisine, they now all say something about "striving for freshness." Really? I should hope so!

              1. re: pastry634

                Argh... how about just, "Rachael Ray"?

                1. re: pastry634

                  Nails on a chalkboard.

                  I also loathe "appies" and "sammich". Moreso "appies", though. That cutesy shit just drives me nuts.

              2. re: nkeane

                Yummy is inexcusable, as is any other word that people should stop using when they turn 6: goodies, deelish, etc.

              3. "Patina" Overuse and misuse.

                I recall an article (no longer online) where someone had their copper item completely cleaned and polished then sprayed some clear coat layers to seal the new shine. Author then tried to use patina to describe the new appearance.

                1. Brighten, as in, add these fresh herbs to "brighten
                  the flavor. How in the world can you brighten a flavor?

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                    1. re: RGC1982

                      Apparently food can be brightened by mint and cilantro. Throw out your fluorescent bulbs and read by the light of your herb garden.