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Nov 21, 2008 10:55 AM

Great place for takeaway handmade tortillas?

Westside would be preferred, but any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Not quite what you are looking for but we were surprised to notice Top Value at Inglewood and Braddock has a Tortilla Machine and you can get very fresh Tortillas most of the time.

    1. There's a Mexican supermarket in Monrovia called King Ranch that makes tortillas daily-it smells so nice when they do!

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        King Ranch on Orange Grove in Pasadena, too...though that's not much closer to our poor tortilla-starved Westside neighbors!

        BTW, there's a new and tiny taco place in Sylmar, on Polk Street a few doors north of Glenoaks, that makes their own to order, with one of those metal presses. Mrs. O and I used some extra time before a Nethercutt tour to suck up bowls of very good menudo with those nice chewy tortillas. Take a look if you're in the neighborhood.

      2. not sure, but perhaps gallegos will have homemade tortillas?

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          Gallegos has both and the flavor of the regular ones are so amazing as tortilla chips!

        2. kind of far away but carillo's tortillria in san fernando has been making hadmade ones for over 50 years. 1242 pico st

          1. The Best, but it is East Side!
            La Azteca
            4538 Cesar Chavez
            Los Angeles, CA
            213-262-5977 Call for their hours.

            Surprisingly Trader Joe's has some good handmade corn and flour.