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Nov 21, 2008 10:35 AM

I need help finding a super fun restaurant ASAP!! HELP!

So Im trying to find a super fun unique restaurant in Orange County or in LA. I don't care if its expensive or not. It would be great if the restaurant had a dancefloor or something a little extra added to it.... if anyone could help me out that would be absolutely fantastic! I'm taking my friend out for their birthday (the day after christmas) and I want them to have a blast!!

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  1. Wokcano in Santa Monica has a nice patio area with a dance floor. One of the nights I was there Macy Gray was actually dj'ing on the patio (there is a small stage-like area). Food is alright, nothing to rave about, but it's not bad either, esp if you do happy hour it's really cheap...rolls, sushi, asian fusion appetizers. Wokcano used to be Akwa, if that helps.

    1. BTW, there are probably lots of restaurants like Wokcano in Hollywood... I just don't know of them anymore (too old!) But have fun!!

      1. Tokyo Delves on Lankershim in North Hollywood. Rock n roll sushi place....great for birthday parties/bachelorette. Sushi is fine...but you really come for the atmosphere and Sake Cocktails.

        1. Tapas and Wine Bar C. Japanese French maid costumes, Japanese fusion food, faux fur covered room, large screen tvs for sports and long banquettes with curtains. I adore this place. And late in the night it turns into karaoke. But not super crowded drunken karaoke, it's actually rather civilized.