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Nov 21, 2008 10:31 AM

Favorite Kitchen Mixers?

Looking for some advice on kitchen mixers. I still remember the red Kitchen Aid that mom had when I was growing up. I used to think if a tornado blew the house down, it wouldn't budge! There are soooooo many models out there today, not sure that there's much of a difference since you can buy attachments and other stuff later. Does anyone have any experience with this model KSM150PSWW?

Thanks, ALT......

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  1. My original kitchen aid was the 325 watt model. I have since replaced it with a higher watt model (600 I believe). You might want higher watts if you're going to use it to make bread. I also really like the model where you raise and lower the bowl rather than the beater head. Also definitely get a bowl with a handle - really convenient. Mine is black to match the granite countertops. Really slick looking (and I leave it on the counter - too heavy to be constantly trying to retrieve from the cupboard.) I'm sure there are other realy good mixers, but you can't go wrong with a Kitchen Aid.

    1. the most powerful Kitchenaid you can afford in the size you want.

      1. Kitchen-Aid all the way!!! Been using a 20 yr. old hand me down from my folks. It's the industrial one with the up/down bowl thingy. IT KICKS A*S!! Bought the pasta roller attachment and the meat grinder as well. It's so tall I had to cut a notch under my cabinet molding so I could slide it back when not in use, but it was that or store it in the basement (which I did for several years....stupid!!!) Barely a day goes by that I don't use it for something. Happy Planetary Mixing..... Adam

        1. If you get a Kitchen Aid, get the 600. Lower models use plastic/fiber gears.
          Otherwise look at Cuisinart mixers. More power and a greater variety of attachments, at a lower price.

          1. I just purchased a professional 600 the kp26m1xlc I think... Any how, I did a lot of research on these mixers and from what I found this is one of the best available.

            I kept checking sites for the best price and found that the refurbished model was the best deal. It looked like new when I received it.

            I watched this site till the price went down

            Hope this helps,