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Nov 21, 2008 10:15 AM

Great Barrington eats with toddler and infant

We'll be in Great Barrington this weekend with stops in Stockbridge and Northampton. Any recommendations for lunch and dinner places that we could enjoy with a 2.5 year and a 2 month old.

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  1. If I had young children I'd probably go to Baba Louie's on Main Street in Great Barrington for lunch.
    They serve pizza and other great sandwiches and the place ,when I've been there,has many children there.
    I can't think of any dinner places I'd take small kids since we don't have small kids to take to dinner.
    I'm sure some othr folks will respond to that need.

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    1. re: catnip

      Baba Louie's FTW. Loved it.

      Great ice cream around the corner at SOCO as well.

      I walked into the Lion's Den, looked around, read the menu, and left.

      1. re: catnip

        We were just there this past weekend and went three times to Uncommon Grounds in Gr Barrington for breakfast lunch and coffee. We is me, grandmother, son and wife and two year old grandson. It was a great place for kids - toys, books, etc. The food was great and the coffee very good. (My son and I are coffee snobs,.) We had a very good dinner at the Route 7 Cafe - also very kid friendly. The food was very tasty, not a place you might seek out in Manhattan but really quite good. Lots of bbq items - beef, pork, chicken. Seafood, special kids' menu - decent wine by the glass. And I was delighted with a total bill of $60 for the four of us - including my glass of pinot.