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Nov 21, 2008 10:11 AM

anyone tried the "LPK's Culinary Groove" or "Gourmet Loic To Go" at Queen/Broadview

Noticed a couple of new establishments around the corner of Queen East and Broadview: LPK's Culinary Groove, and Gourmet Loic To Go. Also there is a cute coffee shop that opened up just east of Queen and Parliment, on Queen..The name escapes me. All have pretty trendy and store fronts. Apparently Chef David Kokai, formerly of Mercer Street Grill and Sauvignon Bistro, is preparing the food to be served at Gourmet Loic. I havent' had the chance to venture inside yet, has anyone tried them out? Reviews?

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  1. We had a Croque Monsieur and a Croque Madame from Loic for a late brunch. The portions were large and the flavors were rich - definitely delicious. Neither of us could finish ours and felt we should have split one and added a salad or bowl of soup. The bechamel, cheese, and butter was all a bit too much by the end. The prices were great for the quality of the food and the portions. Took about 15 min to prep. I think we'll call ahead next time. I'm looking forward to trying their salads and entrees - there appear to be some good options.

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      How was the quality of the bread? Your experiences sounds very positive. how much did your meal cost? thanks for the report!

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        The bread was thick and crusty. Very good. I believe the sandwiches were around $8-9 each, but again, they were huge portions. I would not want one to myself again. They update the menus on their website daily (and they include prices, thankfully).

        I completely agree with embee that it would be nice to have more options along the upscale deli lines in the neighborhood. The sandwich/soup offerings at Loic are too limited to fit this bill (and more geared toward larger portions/higher prices).

    2. The menu at Loic sounds interesting, and we will certainly try it. However, I was a bit disappointed at the nature of the place. This sounds like medium/highish end restaurant takeout. The prices are, essentially, the restaurant prices for this area, adjusted down a bit due, presumably, to a lower cost base.

      Leslieville still needs a few places where one can get high quality sandwiches and salads, and prepared meals, suitable for a quick, reasonable, takeout meal in the late evening. Bruno's, for example, stocks this type of food. We still have nothing of this nature in the immediate area.

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        I went to Loic a couple weeks back. Had the Striplion with a side of Brussel Sprouts. Believe it costed about $23.00. The Brussel Sprouts were great, Striplion, not so much. Maybe the fact I had to cook it myself (Don't know what I'm doing in a kitchen) caused it not to taste so good. Next time I'll just go out and get a decent meal.

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          Would you mind elaborating as to why you had to cook the striploin yourself?

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            The reason why he'd have to cook it himself is because you've got two options at Loic Gourmet To Go, you can stay there and eat the food, which they fully cook for you, or you can get it To Go, and they 3/4 cook it for you, and then you take it home and finish it yourself. I prefer eating in for lunch, but if I want to take dinner home I love finishing it off myself because then when I put this great meal on the table I feel like I can be proud of it!

            Loic Gourmet
            722 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

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          Dropped in the other day to check it out. Food sounds good, didn't try, but they could really use some marketing skills.
          Menu changes daily.

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            Not sure how late you mean by late but Simple Cafe just east of the beer store at Queen and Leslie is open till 8pm and they do made to order sandwiches and daily hot specials: chiken pot pie, chili etc. sandwhich is about $6 depending what you want on it I think the homemade soup is $4.

          2. I used to work with Lesia (of LPK's) and always looked forward to buying her truffles as gifts at Christmas, with some extra ones thrown in for me! I'm thrilled she has opened a store front and can't wait to visit.

            1. We walked by these places today - they both looked great, and I'm definitely looking forware to trying them out, especially Loic.

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                We have found Loic to be great quality and value. Their dishes can be finished at home in a matter of minutes.

                I really enjoy their pork tenderloin and garlic mashed potatoes.

                Highly recommend!

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                  My office got lunch there for some clients a few days ago - we got some leftovers and they were fabulous!! Every items was really tasty. There were 2 lactose intolerant, so most of the sandwiches didn't have cheese and they were still divine! I have been meaning to try one of their roasted chickens - I'm quite sure I won't be disappointed. Lunch for 5 people was about $100, but there was enough leftover to feed 2 or 3 more people. Great value for the quality.

                2. I live and Queen and Broadview and have tired each. I've been much more impressed with what I've had from Loic than what's I've tried at LPK.

                  I've had two tarts, six cookies and two little truffles from LPK. Each time I had a slight bit of sticker shock at the price and then underwhelmed at the over all taste. Everything looks beautiful but the flavours are lacking in my opinion.

                  At Loic I've had their duck, veggie terrine, rice pilaf , and their olives. Each item was tasty and well prepared and I feel good value for money. As some other posters have said, the portions are large. PLUS being the gf of a chef I'm always on the lookout for interesting food items the owner has helped me twice with some rather 'interesting' requests! Bonus points in my book for sure.