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Nov 21, 2008 09:46 AM

The Vyne??

In N. Potomac, in the former Amada Amante's space. Bills itself as organic. Has anybody eaten there? Since I was never a fan of Amada's, I wonder if the location is snake-bit. I hate to deal with the wait and noise at Cava, which is down the street, although I know it has fans. For my money, Sushi Oishii is the best in Traville Gateway.

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  1. We went a few weeks ago when it first opened. If we hadn't known about the change, we wouldn't have thought it was any different from Amada Amante. Even the waitstaff was still wearing Amada Amante shirts.

    There was nothing necessarily wrong with the meal, just nothing we would be eager to eat again. There does seem to be a bar menu which looks a little more interesting than their dinner menu. I would have drinks/appetizers in the bar while watching a game, but I don't think we would return for dinner. Everything was just too "eh". I would stick with Oishii or Cava at an off-peak time.

    1. We ate at The Vyne tonight. You would not guess there are economic troubles in this country from the turnout--it was packed, with people waiting for tables. There is more energy inside than was the case with Amada, though the decor was recognizable. All four of us enjoyed our food, though I would not say it was exceptional. The salmon received very strongly positive reviews, and both the filet mignon and NY strip were good. The salads are overpriced, though the grilled romaine was very good. We had a nice tempranillo with our meal and the wine list is reasonably priced. Everyone enjoyed the peach/creme brulee towers for dessert. I would say that this should be on the list of people in the Potomac/North Potomac/Rockville area, kind of in the same vein as a Clyde's or Gordon Biersch. Reliably good, some energy, reasonable prices.

      1. I would have to strongly disagree with bigplate. My boyfriend and I went there this past saturday and were VERY dissapointed with EVERYTHING. I dont understand why there was such a crowd there. The service was sub par. The Vyne's sign outside says "raw bar"...there is only one dish of raw oysters offerred on the menu. We ordered numerous things off of the menu b/c we are foodies...everything was ultra subpar with the exception of the oysters (which was the only thing they didnt have a hand in preparing). The worst was the "creamed spinach" which tasted and looked as if it was poured directly out of the frozen cartons you find at any supermarket and doused with garlic powder, vile! We thought perhaps these kinds of kinks would be acceptable if the restaurant had just openned, but after reading that it has been open since!