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Nov 21, 2008 09:15 AM

New opening - Moroco - ideal girls' brunch spot

We heard about this restaurant on Yorkville Ave., and good thing I wrote down the address, because it is tucked away in a little patio and from outside, all you can see is the chocolate shop. You'd never know it, but through that shop is a full-service restaurant. VERY chic decor in grey and purple with a fireplace and mirror lined champagne bar. Sort of updated art deco. I've been twice for brunch now (Sat/Sun until 3pm). The "cheesy french toast" is delicious, never had this dish before (not for dieters!) but I am an addict now. My DH loves the yoghurt parfait which had lots of fresh berries (both times). Banana pancakes with rum sauce also well executed, yummy sweet treat. Omelet got good reviews from our friend. Next time I'll try their "eggs portabello" (like benedict, but on a big mushroom). At the end of the meal they offered us our choice of one of their chocolate truffles or macaroons... yum yum. My only warning is that if you order "coffee" you get an Americano, and every time you ask for more they charge you again, so not the most affordable option for those who need more than one cup to wake up. But overall this is my new favourite bruch spot, and especially ideal for a group of women since it is just so pretty inside. I'd like to go back and try at dinner time.

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  1. JToronto, is there anything "Moroccan" about the menu? This city could use a good Moroccan restaurant. Is there a website? And what IS the address?

    Update/edit: Ignore the previous post. I found a reference to it -- MoRoCo -- on Martini Boys.

    1. What are prices like for brunch?

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