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Nov 21, 2008 09:11 AM

Lunchbox Laboratory Revisited

My son and I drove to Seattle yesterday. We had been to the Lunchbox before, so my son chose it as our lunch destination. I noticed a couple of changes. They now have a choice of two sizes of burger patties, and there were fewer people.

I remember reading a couple of posts from people that found the burgers too large. You now have an option.

The lack of patrons is scary..I know "the economy"..I would like to ask those who haven't yet enjoyed a creative burger at the Lab to give it a try. Those who have, stop in again. I am not related to the establishment, I am an out of towner that likes what they have to offer. I'd hate to see them go.

FYI - The sweet potato fries were yummy!

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  1. Yes, the mantra support what you love is a good one. I once owned a restaurant and about 2 years in a couple came in looking for the previous tenant another restaurant, wondering where their "favorite" restaurant had gone! It had been closed for close to 3 years! Fine way to treat your favorite! As we tighten our belts we must remember the business that we love need extra attention or they will be gone.

    1. Good point - it has been awhile since I visited the Lab and you're absolutely right about being repeat patrons at our favorite restaurants in these times.

      1. I've been avoiding it because I always think, ugh, I don't want to deal with the mobs. It sounds like I need to go!

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          Just got back from dinner. No mobs, very quick turnaround on the food orders. Husband had the "hothead" special -- jalapenos, pepperjack, etc. He says it was very good. Son had the dork and sweet potato fries - he enjoyed both. I had the lamb burger with goat cheese and Scott's special onions. I don't like burgers in general, this was delicious. Shoestring fries decent, and vanilla chai milk shake outstanding. Had read reviews that the burgers were too large, too greasy etc. Can't agree at all. We will definitely be back.

          1. re: terra

            Made what seems to have become my regular pilgrimage to the Lab this weekend and was impressed as ever. It's definitely time to get out and show the flag if you want to keep them going, as it seems the widespread reports of popularity have led to a serious drop off in attendance. Go out and support the place, give someone a gift certificate for Christmas, haul your friends there, do what you can.


        2. I went to the Lab last week, bringing a friend with me, and once again enjoyed a fantastic burger. I've finally settled on "The Burger of the Gods" as the best burger in the Puget Sound area. I'd like to re-affirm Curt's call- we need to patronize Scott and Allegra's regularly
          and spread the word. Let's try to keep them going- they've created a great place.

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          1. re: ScottT

            Lunchbox is not my favorite place though I will give it another try. But ScottT makes an EXCELLENT point---if you have a small restaurant you love, PATRONIZE to the best of your budget. Eatting out is one of the first things that people stop doing when times are hard. Personally, we are devoting our dining out food dollars to a limited collection of little places we want to survive and skipping completely the big dollar places.
            So if you like Lunchbox or if, like me, you weren't sure and planned to give them a second shot, make haste.

          2. I attempted go last night, but the hours have changed and I could not get my fix. They are now open 7 days a week. From what I can remember, I believe that the schedule is Sun-Wed (but maybe just Mon-Wed) 11-5. Th-Sat (maybe Sun) 11-8. Don't quote me on the exact time/days, but I'm fairly certain that's what it is. I couldn't tell you for sure, but this seems like an ominous sign that the original poster was correct. Go get yourself a burger!