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Nov 21, 2008 09:10 AM

The Galley in Sullivan, ME

For years I have zoomed by the Galley,just over the Taunton River Bridge on Route One in Sullivan and never stopped. Until last year it was just a take-out window with the usual summer Maine fare--fried seafood, hamburgers, etc. This past year I noticed construction going on and a second floor and a water-view dining room appeared. I still didn't stop until, one day, I saw a sign out front promising "Korean Specialties." My curiosity piqued, earlier this month I did stop and, lo and behold, this is not a bad place. The regular menu is the usual pizza, hamburgers, fried fish, etc., but the special board offered a couple of Korean items (bulgogi and spicy chicken) as well as Shepherd's Pie and a ham dinner. Our group had both the Korean specialties, the Shepherd's pie, a hamburger and a pizza. One of us was ethnically Korean and vouched for the authenticity of the taste (the lady running the place is also of Korean background). Even the American choices were quite well done: pizza crust was freshly made and the burger cooked to order.

The Galley plans to be open year 'round (closed on Mondays). I flag this place for the attention of Chowhounds since, with the exception of the Mexican place in Hancock, authentic ethnic dining Downeast is rare. In my view, worth a visit if you are making the trek between Ellsworth and Machias.

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  1. Any suggestions for a new place to eat in the Cherryfield area? What type of food do you like or think would do well?

    1. I misunderstood your correct title but thought you ment Chester Pike's GALLEY. I thought I saw the sign for Korean, but thought I was hallucinating. I go by 2 times a day at 7 am and 3 pm, inconvienient times to eat, but will return w/ my better half. My son lives in Korean and just had a baby last month w/ his Korean wife. So we are very interested in the Korean specialities. I sincerely thank you for the tip.
      Chester Pike's Galley is closed for the winter. The huge snow drift in the prking lot sadden me as I drive by. It will reopen in the spring. The corned beef hash is the best I've ever had and the Lobster Benedict is superb. The pies ain't too shabby, neither. Fish Fry Fri. night and prime rib on Sat. night.
      Billy, & Molly, we should get together sometime this summer. Other downeasters too.

      Eatery are you asking for a rec to eat in Cherryfield or wnating to start a restaurant? If starting one, it should be along the lines of Chester Pike's or the old Tall barney's in Jonesport or even The Riverside in Ellsworth. To succeed you must appeal to the locals for year around support AND to the summer people and tourists. So quality basics with a flair and a few world cuisine items would be my recipe for success,

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        I am asking what people want to see for a new restaurant in Cherryfield area. In the last few years what has been good places to eat? Is North Street a decent place to eat? What about the one on the corner, Hungry Bear that was open for couple of years? How was the Bear when it was open, and what about North st cafe? I'm out of town now for a while so its hard for me to find out these things. Whats everybody 's opinion on 44 north in Milbridge and Joshies take out?

        1. re: EateryInCherryfieldSuggestions

          I'm re-posting here and expanding on my reply to your similar question on a thread about Down East restaurants.

          Right now, the restaurant scene in Cherryfield is a bit grim. We used to have three places that served food (Hungry Bear, Blubeary and North Street Cafe) of which the Hungry Bear is gone, the Blubeary closed (temporarily or for good I am not sure) and only North Street Cafe still in business. There is also a place next to Cherryfield Foods that sells take-out sandwiches, but it is not really a restaurant.

          I would love to see a new restaurant in Cherryfield, but I wonder if the traffic will bear one. The ones that succeed, like North Street, subsist largely on breakfast/sandwich trade, supplemented with take-out pizza. The more full-service restaurants in the area, Scovil's in Harrington and 44 North in Milbridge have the usual Downeast mix of fried seafood, burgers, etc. That is what people eat around here and to survive that is what they have to serve. A more upscale, adventurous menu place would be great, but I can't in good conscience suggest that such a restaurant would make it here, however much I am a Cherryfield booster. If you do take the plunge and start a new place, however, I would be an eager customer.

          North Street has basically filled the niche that the Hungry Bear occupied and is the morning coffee spot for the local regulars. Neither it nor the Hungry Bear were worth going out of one's way for, but they are/were convenient for those of us in Cherryfield. Being able to get pizza at short notice from a place in the neighborhood is not bad.

          With the closure of the Red Barn last year, 44 North is the only year 'round game in town in Milbridge and, for what it is, it's fine. The bar is cozy, but the menu is one you have seen countless times over all around Maine. It's really the only place in the immediate area (Milbridge/Cherryfield/Harrington) that one can take guests to.

          Joshy's is a very different experience. It is seasonal, and, of course, one has to eat outside or take the food home. While I am basically a fan of Joshy's,I have had mixed experiences here. It used to have the cheapest lobster rolls and well prepared fried seafood. Last summer I found the help a bit inexperienced and the quality a bit uneven. Nevertheless, when the weather warms up, I will line up at the window and hope for the best. If the Blubeary (or Blue Berry Bistro) in Cherryfield does not reopen, Joshy's will be busy.

          I suspect this lengthy post has put everybody to sleep, so I will wrap it up. I hope I have addressed most of your question.

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          1. re: billy

            billy, you nailed it, but at Joshy's prices jumped around 50% last summer, from $5.95 for a good lobster roll to a nine dollar one doused w/ paprika.

            1. re: Passadumkeg

              I was also shocked at the price jump of the lobster rolls. I am not sure if my standards are lower for a $5.95 lobster roll vs. a $9.00 one, but I didn't find the expensive one as tasty as I remembered them being. I know the taste buds go as one ages, but I can't imagine mine changed that much in just a year.

              1. re: billy

                We agree, we each wound up with a lobster roll and a crab roll, instead 2 lobster rolls each, and headed out to McClellan Park. The crab rolls were tastier.
                Eatery, some authentic, inexpensive Mexican foods like in the old Mexican Store/Restaurant might attract some of the Hispanic population.

            2. re: billy

              I appreciate the info. It steers me in the right direction for plans I am trying to make. Sorry to keep you in the dark but there are a lot details to work out and things are not set in stone, ie location, building, equipment, financing, and the shaky economy are just few of the hurdles to overcome! At some point I want to have a web site devoted to blogging for the Cherryfield area. Stay tuned...

        2. I second The Galley. They do a great lobster roll. Didn't love their fried clams - too much sort of sweet breading, but the haddock burger was terrific. And I absolutely second Chester Pike's. When they close for the winter you know it's time to move out.

          1. Wow,
            Ethnic food in Maine! I remember thinking how long is "The MEX" going to last when it opened in the early 70's? I guess there is a Mexican Place in Brooksville ME now.
            I think I will stop at the Galley as well!

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            1. re: brucekc

              I have been back to this place a couple of times, most recently a few weeks ago. At this time of year the Korean specialties are not on the menu all the time, but you can ask what they can provide or call ahead with a request.

              The last time I stopped by with my gang we had mostly American fare: haddock fry, burgers and meatloaf. All were quite tasty. My wife had an order of sweet potato fries and both she and my sister raved about their burgers. I, for one, like the uniqueness of the Korean specialties, so I next time I will call ahead to make sure they can whip something up.

              I asked the waitress how business has been, and, as one might expect at this time of year, she said it was slow. I hope they can make it, since it's slim pickin's around here until the weather warms up.

              1. re: brucekc

                I've got gift certificates to LL Frijoles in Brooksville. Will post after we've eaten there.

              2. Ate at the Galley last week when I was Down East. The foood was good and I'm looking forward to going back.
                I would LOVE to see a good pub /restaurant in Cherryfield- something using the awesome local seafood (oysters, too, please!) Joshy's has gone downhill and is only seasonal.
                *sigh* Might as well eat at home...