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Nov 21, 2008 09:06 AM

Shops carrying high-quality turkey parts?

We are only 2, and we're determined not to eat any more industrial meats. I'd really just like to buy a thigh or 2, maybe a split breast half. Does anyone know where I could find free range, responsibly-raised, etc. turkey parts?


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  1. I haven't seen turkey yet, but there's a vendor at the downtown farmer's market who sells duck, chicken and cornish game hens that he raises and kills. He'd be a good one to check with. Beyond that both Whole Foods and Central Mkt can be convinced to cut you what you want and their turkey can fit the bill. Pricey though.

    1. I didn't inquire about the free range, responsibly raised part, but the downtown Whole Foods has all kinds of parts available. I think they are from Diestel Turkey Ranch. They had thighs, drumsticks, wings, breast, and giblets available (and they had kindly separated the giblets into packs of liver and packs without liver). I also saw parts yesterday at Central Market South, including turkey backs for a very cheap price (maybe 99 cents a pound?) in case you wanted to make some stock.