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Nov 21, 2008 08:45 AM

dining with kids in Portland

I'll be in Portland for a long weekend with my kids (aged six and two). I am looking for places with excellent food that will tolerate my reasonably-well-behaved but still-definitely-kids-and-shouldn't-go-to-adults-only-places children. I am lucky in that the kids will eat anything, so I do not need a place that is geared towards kids or has a children's menu, but I would like to be able to relax while eating.

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  1. Justa Pasta
    Apizza Scholls
    Kenny and Zukes
    Screen Door

    1. The Country Cat - 7937 SE Stark (Eastside)
      Very kid friendly with an excellent kids menu (i.e. not chicken strips with french fries)
      Very good for brunch too.

      Hoda - Middle Eastern at 3401 Belmont.
      I went there this weekend with my 2 yr old after not having been there in years. My chicken was good enough but the two different lamb dishes my companions had were excellent.