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Nov 21, 2008 08:37 AM

Where can 8 people go for semi-private dining?

8 of us, all around 30 years old, looking for a restaurant that has either a chef's table, wine cellar table or some other type of semi-private dining for a Saturday night dinner in December. Dark jeans/dress shirts have to be acceptable dress and we'd like to keep it to about $100 per person all-in. Italian, american, bistro, all work great. No indian or asian. Thanks!

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      Hehehe, that's funny because this is an annual Christmas dinner we all do and we went to Barbuto for it last year!!! It was excellent, by the way and a great spot. If we hadn't already been, we would certainly go. Any other ideas?

    2. Compass has a glass-in wine "boite" that can comfortably accommodate 8 people. The menu was recently changed so that it is now fish/seafood oriented though there are a few dishes for carnivores. You'd have to determine if the a la carte prices would fit your budget. But there's no question that the 3-course prix-fixe for $35 would.

      They've also redecorated the modern-styled space to give it an even more casual feel than it had before, i.e., no tablecloths, so I'm sure jeans/dress shirts would be perfectly acceptable.

      We've never been to Il Buco, but they have a wine celler for private functions. You'd have to determine if prices would fit your budget.

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      1. re: RGR

        RGR -

        Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to check them out now.

      2. You could look into getting one of the barrel tables at either of the two Landmarcs. Not its own room, but basically a vary large wrap-around booth - so pretty-much the definition of semi-private. For my money not a destination place for food, but it's passable and it pleases a crowd. But if your friends are all CHers it probably won't pass muster.

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        1. re: snaporaz

          I was at Landmarc a while back and thought the food was decent. I like the idea though because I can go to the one in Tribeca. I think in an ideal world, I'd probably rather go somewhere south of 34th street anyway. I'll look into Landmarc, thanks! Anyone else have any good ideas? A friend told me Crispo has dining alcoves, but they won't guarantee me one for a Saturday night. A setup like that would be perfect though.

        2. The Harrison in Tribeca has a wine cellar for private dining.

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          1. re: UWStoSONO

            The Harrison looks great. I called though and the minimum is a bit too much - it's really more an issue of size of party. The room is geared more towards slightly larger groups (12-20). I appreciate the suggestion though. As of now, I'm leaning towards Blue Ribbon Bakery, but I still feel like there must be a hidden gem out there somewhere. Aroma is sort of like that, but again, more suited for 15-20 people. A group of 8 is almost tougher than if I had a group of 10 or 12. Any other suggestions from folks would be really helpful. I am going to book something this weekend.

            1. re: Farfalle

              Just for the record, there are other restaurants that have private or semi-private tables for groups of 8. However, you've eliminated Indian, so Devi, which has two curtained alcoves in the back of the main level each of which seats 8, is out. And two upscale restaurants -- per se (private room for up to 12) and Picholine (wine library with round table that seats 8) -- are well above your budget.

          2. Perhaps Gascogne? Only perhaps...
            We went there in Oct, for a reunion of 11, and were seated in a small, cozy, rustic cellar room......It worked for us in terms of socializing...private and we carried on for hours.... but, I regret to say, the food was disappointing....I had read lots of reports about tastiness of the fare, but found it sort of ordinary, even tired......
            Perhaps it was an 'off' night, and worth giving it another chance......