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Nov 21, 2008 07:40 AM

Rocket to Venus - Anyone been recently?

Anyone been lately? It's been on my list of potentials for a long time and I am thinking I'll finally give it a go. Heard they make a surprisingly delicious cheesesteak, which is a favorite food of my DH.

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  1. be prepared to wait for a loooong time.

    not sure of the reservation policy, but I went once and we were told a wait, and it was like 4 or 5 times the said wait until we got seated.

    it wasn't worth it.

    I'd maybe suggest a week night - which if it's not much of a wait, for the price, it's a good spot.

    1. They do take reservations, at least the last time I went which was months ago. It's a good idea to make one.

      The food wasn't bad for the money.

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        1. I haven't been in a few months, but as long as nothing has changed drastically, I'd say they make the best veggie sliders in Baltimore.

          1. Went this weekend and found it to be average at best. Their infamous brussel sprouts were meh. Just sauteed and drizzled with balsamic. They should take a lesson from my Mom. Brussel sprouts need pancetta. My grilled cheese was also average, despite the 3 cheese combination. I was expecting a sharper cheese flavor but the sandwich was bland.
            DH had a much better experience. His corn and crawfish chowder (a special) had a nice spice to it. A kind of heat that lingeres in the back of your throat. Must admit that his cheesesteak was the winner of the evening. Who would have thunk it?! May have been the best cheesesteak I ever had. Would be the only reason I'd return.
            Must add that server was totally indifferent to our presence.

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              "be prepared to wait for a loooong time."
              "Must add that server was totally indifferent to our presence."

              Slow and indifferent service has become a hallmark of hip(ster) Hampden dining.