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Nov 21, 2008 07:32 AM

Need Rec for Italian in S. Philly

My husband and I would like to take our family for a nice Italian dinner to announce the arrival of our new baby! We are looking for a family-style restaurant (but not too loud) that serves good food. Not too gimmicky--I think I can do without singing waiters. BYOB would be great. My husband and I both have lived in Italy so we are more partial to "Italian" Italian food but I can appreciate well cooked Italian American myself. I'm thinking a nice family-style dinner of really good Osso Buco, Shrimp Fra Diavolo, etc. $20-$30 per person price range.

I've read good things about Dante and Luigi's. What are your thoughts? Any advice would be well appreciated!


Edit: 1) Party size is for 5-6 people 2) I do mean Dante and Luigi's not Franco and Luigi. Thanks for the correction.

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  1. How many people will be going? I'd go to Mr. Martino's Trattoria, Le Virtu or L'Angolo, but those places are all a little on the small side. Le Virtu isn't BYO but the wine list is very reasonable. Franco and Luigi's is in fact one of those places with singing waiters, are you sure you're not thinking of Dante and Luigi's?

    1. This place was recommended to me by some of my Sout' Philly co-workers. We loved it. Not fancy, more of a neighborhood feel. If you tell them what the occassion is, I bet they will make a big fuss. It's BYOB. You can check out the menu, but keep in mind that they usually have a number of very good specials. I'd suggest reservations.


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        Scannicchio's is great! Just be careful of their specials..we paid $12.95 for a grilled romaine salad and a bowl full of sausage and figs. Both were tasty, but not worth the $12.95 especially compared to the other prices on the menu. We also ordered the Veal Chop Italian style, which was also a special that night. It was $33! Service is great, food is great...special prices were a little off in my book!

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          Good advice. It's proabably not a bad idea to ask your server at ANY restaurant to give you the prices as they recite the list of specials -- I've been caught unawares a few times myself at other places.

          We found that many of the apps at Scanniccio's were generous enough to share without either of the sharers feeling deprived. Veal Chop is something that gravitate to when I go out because it's just not something I'd make for myself) I find it to be on the pricey side virtually anywhere, usually $30 or so.

          BTW, Scanniccio's has been voted top Italian Restaurant in Philly for several years running by a local news station Fox29 as part of their "Hot Picks". Aside from the food, I just liked it because from the minute I walked in the door for the first time, I was treated like I was a neighborhood regular. It's very unpretentious. As I said before, I work with some real South Philly types, and it's their restaurant of choice. And these are people who usually won't touch anybody's gravy but their own.

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            What's the location of the restaurant, price range and menu like? I live in South Philly and have never been. What other Italian restaurant might you compare it to?

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              The link to their website is in my 1st post above.. There is a menu on the site. It's at Broad & Porter.

      2. I'll also recommend Scannichio's. I'm not sure if they do family style, but their food is fantastic and service is friendly.

        Chiarella's is also a very good BYOB. Not noisy or gimmicky at all.

        1. We haven't been to the South Philly Scannicchio's, but we love the one in Atlantic City. Funny story - my wife asked about the soup of the day and the waiter replied we have Pasta Fagioli and (while giving a thumbs-down from his shoulder to the table) we have chicken noodle. Guess which soup she ordered! It sounds like we need to make a tip to Broad & Porter- soon!

          1. My two favorite italian restaurants in south philly right now are l'Angolo (Broad and Porter) and Paradiso (12th and Passyunk). I feel that both of these places go above and beyond typical southern italian food. The pasta dishes at l'Angolo are phenomenal, and Paradiso always has a very creative menu. I have lived in Italy as well, and these two places hit the nail on the head.