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Nov 21, 2008 07:21 AM

Staff Christmas Party on a very tight budget


Does anyone know of a place to have an office party of around 18 people for around $20.00 a head (before alcohol)? We were bumped out of the place we had booked and now need to find another. We are looking around the Front Street area and we need a place that has vegetarian options. A lot of places are booked up like C'est What etc.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thanks for your help!

      Actually we have found a place and the reason the budget is tight is because the staff (arts workers) are paying for this themselves - we are not well paid, it is an expensive time of year and we wanted to go out for some kind of meal. Tax and service are on top of that as is what we are drinking. We did find a bar that we all like on King Street that was willing to do a lot of good finger food (with protein) within our budget and have made us very welcome.

      Perhaps the right attitude pays dividends rather than the miserable, pessimistic approach suggestion you offered.

      1. Wow, please ignore Scrooge above, chowhound is for all diners of all budgets. Hothouse has fixed price menus starting at $25.
        BUT having worked many decades in the industry almost all restaurants can cater a menu to fit your budget. I'd just call and tell them the situation.
        In the area if you wanted snacks, etc the Jason George is great atmosphere and pretty good food.
        Anyway, you seem to have sorted it out so have a great party and happy holidays.

        1. re: Mila

          Thanks so much to you, JamieK and Cat123 for the supportive suggestions. We are going to go to Betty's on King Street. It is a great place and I have eaten there before and know the food will perfect for our group. The staff have been incredibly helpful, very efficient at getting back to me and not at all daunted by our budget. Betty's gets a happy crowd in and we have a place to let off steam.

      2. That's something like what I was thinking of suggesting, a pub willing to do platters of different items for a group. Glad you found somewhere.

        1. The Overdraught on Front Street would also be a good choice in case someone else is still looking for a solution to this problem. My office does something here every year and they are extremely accommodating. The food is also pretty good.

          1. We booked ours at 73 Stirs for $35 a person, but you could easily do a bunch of things there for around that price range. I mean, all their food is pretty much under $20, and we asked for $40/person, and they made it $35. And that includes a 16 ounce rib-eye.