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Nov 21, 2008 05:24 AM

British Bacon in San Diego?

I have English guests coming for the holiday and would like to serve them English Bacon. I can find it online but the shipping costs are out of sight. does anyone know where I can buy it in the San Diego area?

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  1. Fresh and Easy Market has uncured back bacon, which I think is what you are referring to. There are several locations in San Diego - check their website.

    1. Yes Fresh and Easy. The label is "British brand bacon" using those upper and lower case letters. It is sold in a 10 ounce package now (used to be 16 ounces) for ~$3.99.

      1. The Fresh & Easy bacon is really good and very reasonable, but if you want the "real" stuff you can get it at the international store connected to Shakespeare's Pub on India Street in Mission Hills. They sell it frozen and it costs the earth, but it tastes great.

        1. Wouldn't the store attached to the Princess Pub also carry it?

          1. They have it at Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad. I bought some for a British friend who reported to me that it was authentic.

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              Tip Top is a great specialty butcher shop who can make or get you just about what ever you want. They can easily make you some British style bacon (back bacon) if they don't have any on hand but I suspect they will have some on hand. I especially like their bacon section because they have so many different flavors, all 100% natural, and they don't soak the meat in water like the supermarkets do. That means you pay for meat instead of meat + water and the flavor is much more concentrated; it just has a lovely full bacon flavor.