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Nov 21, 2008 05:11 AM

Great Bay not so Great

Went last night at 6:30, diningroom was virtually empty and had to convince Hostess to give 3 of us a table (she said she had none at first claiming that there were many reservations coming in starting at 7PM) but by the time we left at 7:30 there were still several open tables?? As far as the food, I found it to be way over-seasoned, way over-priced, a bit over the top in an apparent attempt to be "gourmet" seafood (I apologize if I misused the word gourmet). First, two of us split the deconstructed clam chowder at $12. The ingredients in the chowder were very fresh, however the broth was a bit over-salted and had virtually no clam or seafood flavor, it was almost more tomato-y. Two of us then split the lobster roll ($28) and fish and chips ($24). The lobster roll was interesting but I like to taste the flavor of the lobster and this roll was so overly spiced with seasonings (tarragon?) that you could not taste the lobster. The fish and chips came with about 3 very small pieces of fried cod, it was ok, but over-priced at $24, and it came with a homemade tarter sauce that was inedible. Both the lobster roll and fish and chips came with supposedly homemade shoestring fries but I think that they were frozen because they had little fresh potato flavor. Probably the best item of the evening was the Grilled Hanger Steak (bad sign for a seafood restaurant when the best item is a steak) but again, at $30, a wee over-priced for this cut of beef. As far as service, our waitress was pleasant and all, but once the meals were served, she virtually disappeared. All and all, thumbs down for Great Bay.

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  1. Coincidentally, we were at the bar from about 5:30 to 7. Can't believe they'd hassle you for a table, it was fairly quiet in the dining room. Agree that $24 for fish & chips is kind of crazy, but we had a really nice time taking advantage of the bargains. I like that bartender Jonathan who's happy to mix a drink to your specifications or let you have a taste of something. I started with the Ex Patriot which had rum, ginger, amaretto, Pimm's, I think that's it. Nice flavor and I should have stuck with it cuz while the concord grape margarita w/ rosemary was fine, the other drink was more appropriate for a 30 degree nite. Friend ordered the special sangria but he got confused and thought she'd wanted the marg., which she liked but he gave her a sangria on the house. Also a nice glass of grĂ¼ner veltliner. We also got to try a bit of the wine a distributor brought in for them to consider, a cava grape but still wine. Smelled flowery but very dry. We got two rounds of the $1 apps: hailbut taco, lobster dumpling, oyster, fried calamari and sashimi. The calamari is a good size, fried very well, good dipping sauce. Dumpling was tasty, everything else was good. We'd thought about going to Bukowski's for the $1.69 burger but decided not to chance a too crowded loud scene and stayed in the civilized environment. Now if they would just bring back the butterscotch pudding (which I know I'm not the only one complaining about).

    1. Considering all the stories these days about how abundant and cheap lobster is, $28 for a roll is ridiculous. I know the price of the lobster isn't the only part of the calculus, but seriously.....Not to mention $24 for f&c.

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        As an aside, this week chix are on sale at Roche Bros/Sudbury Farms for, I think, $4.50/lb

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          At my local fish market lobster rolls are going for $8.99. :-)

        2. Sorry to hear that. My wife and I had been enjoying it for years. We would get two appetizers then share an entree and always found that satisfying.

          1. I stopped reading at the seasoning of a lobster roll! No No No!!!
            The only lobster roll worth having is the one made at home, using the tamalli if it tastes good and just a bit of Hellmans on a butter griddled Arnold hot dog roll. Perfection has the temporate and perfectly steamed lobster with the slightly chilled mayo, on a slightly warm buttered roll. Point/ Counterpoint