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Nov 21, 2008 03:50 AM

One more...Cooking w Jazz replacement?

For those of you who remember, once upon a time there was a sublime Cajun restaurant in Whitestone...Cooking with Jazz.
Amazing food, professional staff, and a colorful owner/chef (Chef Steve, where are you?).
I believe the spot is a laundry now, and Chef Steve's efforts to open a new restaurant in the area have been unsuccessful.
Any ideas? I tried Mood in Forest Hills and wasn't wowed, went to NoNo Kitchen and wasn't that impressed, and wonder if I have to shoot down to NoLa on JetBlue for a fix.
Any closer suggestions?

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  1. Give up the search for Cooking with Jazz. The place was too small and in the wrong neighborhood. Will he open again is anyone's guess. If he does open it should be in Bayside where prices are astronomical and parking impossible.

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      It may have been small and in the wrong hood, but it was always crowded when we went. I do agree that Bayside has gotten ridiculous, and the food isn't worth the prices nor the parking.

    2. I don't know if there are any good replacements in Queens, you may have to shoot out to Nassau County, there are several decent places there, notably: The Bayou in Bellmore, and Big Daddy's in Massapequa, as well as RS Jones in Merrick.

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        Bayou was once better than CWJ, but that was 20 years ago! It is a shell of its former glory.

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          maras homemade on 6th street in the village is very enjoyable -
          they do crawfish boil, around new years - you can special order duck

          sadly they dont have any chicken tchopotulis.

          1. re: phunkykim

            mara's homemade was one of the most inedible meals i've ever had in new york. i wish i could remember what we ate, but it was a couple years ago. all i remembered is being absolutely astonished that this was being served in a restaurant and that they expected people to pay money for it.

      2. Last I heard Steve Van Gelder was working as a consultant for Marriott.

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          Oh how the mighty have fallen...

        2. The original comment has been removed