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Nov 21, 2008 03:40 AM

Best Successor to Stick to Your Ribs/Pearson's Texas BBQ?

Does anyone know a good BBQ place that comes close to Stick to Your Ribs/Pearsons/Legends?
I've been to Hill Country (ridiculously overpriced), Dinosaur (a little out of the way), and The Ranger since Legends shut down, and haven't found a replacement.
I've heard from a buddy that the new place on Park Ave South is good, as is Daisy May's.
Please help. It's been a while since I've had great ribs.

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  1. fette sau in williamsburg has great cue & beer - but whatever you do - dont eat the side dishes - just horrible!

    1. I'm not exactly sure of the history here, but there's a Legends Bar and Grill serving BBQ, located on 35th Ave and 71st St in Jackson Heights. According to online reviews, same owners as Pearson's/Legends.

      I had a very good pulled pork sandwich with onion rings for lunch recently. Good prices, good food, nice bartender.