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best turkey sandwich (or panini or wrap or spring roll) for thanksgiving leftovers...?

please give us your best turkey sandwich combos, including bread, condiments, other ingredients (including cheese, if any), and method of preparation (panini, grilled, toasted bread, open faced...). if you grill, what oil/butter/fat do you use?

and i guess indian and latin flatbreads may also be used, too.

.... now, spring roll wrappers....well, i guess so! why not? does that take us to the realm of turkey and dressing spring rolls? i think i could go there -- with a nice, tart dipping sauce!

please tell us why you like your combination especially.

the only criteria: all "sandwiches" must somehow have turkey as a component.

now.... let's talk turkey (sandwich). ;-)

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  1. I'm a traditionalist...love the "thanksgiving sandwich" which is cold turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing on sourdough. Las time I had leftover stuffing I even pressed it into a rectangular container for storage so I could cut out blocks for my sandwich!
    Also love the turkey reuben, with 'kraut, "russian dressing" and swiss cheese on grilled rye.

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      i too love the traditional. your idea of the stuffing press is great! (lookout, someone else (rr) will now start selling it!) and the turkey reuben i love with cole slaw -- i know, "not a reuben"... but delicious!

    2. how about this, inspired by fellow hounds http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/574036 :

      deep fried spring rolls with julienned turkey, ginger, scallion, cellophane noodles, jicama. served with a cranberry-tarted up "plum" dipping sauce:

      nigella's plum sauce recipe: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/4134...

      or serve the same ingredients in a fresh rice roll wrapper, with cilantro and mint added in.

      1. For me it's just some cold turkey, between hot toast, lettuce and lots of mayo. Simple, but I love it .

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          I agree wholeheartedly. Lately I've become kind of a purist in terms of my sandwiches, and all I need anymore is some honey whole wheat bread, a thin layer of mayo on both pieces, and the turkey. There's nothing quite so divine.

          I'm not a huge fan of deli meats, so when it's not the holidays, I'll buy a rotisserie chicken and cut it up for sandwich meat to get the same kind of effect.

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            I'm drooling already! To me, that is the perfect leftover turkey sandwich.

            1. re: Rick

              iceberg, leaf or butter -- or romaine.

              typing "romaine" made me think of eric clapton, doing a "thanksgiving sandwich" song:


              "If you wanna pig out, go take the turkey out; romaine.
              If you wanna get bread, then you'll be ahead; romaine.
              She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie; romaine.

              "If you've got to use, mayo dressing you choose: romaine.
              When your cran is done, but you want to eat on; romaine.
              She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie; romaine.

              "So if you want to turk down, white bread all around; romaine.
              if you pile the meat high, you might still "kiss the sky"; romaine.
              i don't lie, i don't lie, i don't lie -- romaine!"

              -- written by J.J. Kale


            2. This is my favorite turkey combo all year round:
              Roasted turkey, avocado, roasted peppers, with mayo and muenster melt. All on some kind of wholegrain bread. For people who have the Price Chopper supermarket chain, their new Dakota bread is a total winner, and great for this, as is their Heartland bread.

              1. roast turkey with a shmear of mashed potatos on a potato roll

                can't get enough carbs. and if you want you can dip it in gravy

                1. Hot Turkey Sandwich on toasted sourdough. Heat up a potfull of gravy and then add in a whole bunch of turkey picked from the carcass or pulled apart with fingers from the stuff that had already been sliced up. Once that comes up to heat, ladle over the toasted sourdough. And serve with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce of whatever sort you like.

                  1. Bread-less wrap here, if that's okay...

                    Saute onions and your favorite curry spice blend, add chopped turkey and cook til you like the aroma. Toss in some scallions, hot peppers if you like, and whatever fruit you like - mango, apple, pineapple - then wrap in a lettuce leaf (whatever you have - I love iceberg for this).

                    Great flavor counterpoint to all the Thanksgiving food we'll be eating this week. Easy. Fresh. And helps with the carb recovery program!


                    1. I'm a traditionalist as well; cold sliced turkey, mayo, cranberry, and lettuce are the starting points. Stuffing - sure, if there's any leftover (usually - not!). Bread - I'm not too picky, but this is one sandwich I think is better on a not-so-crusty bread. We usually have whole-grain around but I'll admit to sneaking one on Wonder-style white bread every now and then. While avocados, etc. sound good, I'll try them another time.

                      But the one thing I insist on with the above ingredients is fresh cracked pepper. I hardly ever put spices, salt, or herbs on any sandwich, but a great cold turkey sandwich demands fresh pepper.

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                        Pepper never crossed my mind when doing my turkey sandwich, it'll be on my sandwich Friday, thanks!

                      2. The bakeries in the Great Harvest Bread Company franchise make a delicious stuffing bread during Thksgvg and Xmas weeks (you have to special order). I make stuffing from scratch, but use the stuffing bread for sandwiches. It is a whole wheat loaf with sage, onion, and celery. Great plain or toasted. For the rest, sliced turkey, cranberry mustard, chive cream cheese, and lettuce. Or turkey salad, lettuce, and cranberry sauce.

                        1. Open-faced.

                          Sliced turkey on Texas toast, topped with mashed potatoes, gravy, green peas and tobasco sauce

                          1. here's the layering:
                            challah spread with butter and a little gravy
                            mashed potatoes
                            challah slice soaked in gravy
                            cranberry sauce
                            challah slice spread with butter and a little gravy

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                            1. re: Emme

                              challah soaked in gravy reminds me of that Friends episode with Ross's turkey sandwich: the "tastemaker"!

                              1. re: coney with everything

                                I thought that was the "moistmaker"?
                                My day after Thanksgiving turkey sandwich is just bread, meat, mayo, and lettuce. Usually on wheat. Because I'm too full to eat much else.
                                However, during the week I patronize a sandwich place that roasts turkeys every day. So I get roast (hot) turkey on a dutch crunch roll, with lettuce, tomato, sprouts, mustard, mayo, and a slice of swiss cheese. If you go in that place in the late lunch time period, everyone is ordering the same sandwich - it's gold!

                            2. ok, breaking my own criterion (strictly), but bobby flay's turkey milanese looked just great on tv!

                              and his turkey breast with sour orange sauce looked SO incredibly delicious: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/bo...

                              but see this re the sour orange sauce: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/469341 .

                              1. Split white hoagie roll
                                Place brie on one side, and stick under broiler to melt/toast
                                Spread one side of bread with cranberry, one with mayo
                                Top with turkey.
                                I look forward to this sandwich all year round.

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                                1. re: Honey Bee

                                  Oh my. Good idea, the cranberry and brie sound like they would complement each other well.

                                2. Ode to Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce
                                  <to the tune of winter wonderland>

                                  red and ribbed, are ya' listenin'?
                                  some to eat, i've a nigglin'
                                  so lend me a hand
                                  and open a can
                                  eatin' in the cranberry wigglin'-land!

                                  happy thanksgiving to eaters of cran, canned and fresh alike. and to all a good (leftover sandwich, wrap, roll) night.

                                  1. My MIL's contribution:

                                    Left over turkey sliced into thin strips then lightly browned in sesame oil.
                                    Pickled Daikon ( http://www.chow.com/recipes/12006
                                    whole leaf kimchi cut into thin strips
                                    kkaenip leaves (wild sesame)
                                    Pan fried egg (whipped then lightly browned on both sides) cut into thin strips
                                    Asian chives
                                    All the above rolled into rice paper wraps, then dipped into a lightly sweetened soy sauce/wasabi mix.

                                    1. My boyfriend of years ago introduced me to this combo: Sliced fresh turkey, on hearty white bread with Durkees Dressing and slices of fresh, ripe avocado. It's very simple to make and incredibly yummy. This is the only thing for which I use Durkees dressing but it adds just the perfect light mustardy snap to the sandwich.

                                      1. In addition to the classic stuffin' sandwich.... I always enjoy making hot browns.

                                        Also, just good fresh Italian bread, with turkey and tons of gravy in an open face sandwich.

                                        1. I'm kind of thinking that all of these sound good, but actually take away from the spirit of nature's most perfect leftover- the turkey sandwich. I've been enjoying these for nearly 50 years:

                                          2 slices of soft white bread- the kind that your spouse won't normally allow in the house
                                          Duke's Mayonnaise
                                          Leftover Turkey

                                          Spread the mayo on both slices of bread. Top with turkey. Sprinkle with salt. Slap 'em together. Enjoy...

                                          However, this year- for the first time *ever*, I have discovered a way to actually improve on perfection- it isn't often that something comes along foodwise that changes your life- but when it happens, it is truly magical. And it is sooo simple:

                                          Replace the "salt" with "Bacon Salt", a product I first read about on here...


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                                          1. re: Clarkafella

                                            Just had this last night!

                                            Thick cut casa bread
                                            pulled leftover turkey
                                            sweet potato
                                            mayo (cranberry instead of mayo optional)

                                            a thin layer of mayo on the bread. pile with above. sqwish it together and butter the outside of the bread. Stick on the forman grill or panini press and brown. Yummy! Getting hungry for another right now!

                                            1. re: Clarkafella

                                              clarkafella: just tried your bacon salt on turkey with mayo and white bread. indeed, truly outstanding.

                                              i can imagine a turkey "club" sandwich without the guilt of actual bacon, but with the flavor.

                                              thanks for the great tip!

                                              1. re: alkapal

                                                Yeah, I've become those guys biggest cheerleader- to the point of actually telling strangers in the grocery store "hey, you've really got to try this stuff"... If that company ever goes public, I want to buy shares...

                                            2. If there are any leftovers (not often after the second "grazing" post FB game), i like a kaiser roll, toasted or even better, grilled. Turkey, stuffing, a mix of mayo and whole berry or homemade cranberry sauce, and if there is any cooked bacon leftover from breakfast, a slice of that.

                                              My Brother-in-law will do the same, but he wants miracle whip and canned jellied cranberry - yuck to both

                                              1. My carb overlod/calorie busting after Thanksgiving sandwich is as follows
                                                wonder white bread, smeared with butter (yes real butter)
                                                turkey meat
                                                mashed potatoes
                                                stuffing (It helps to smoosh it into the mashed potatoes)
                                                second slice of buttered bread

                                                serve with side of gravy for dipping

                                                1. i just made this today: turkey cubes (1/3"), pico de gallo, diced avocado, some fresh lemon juice (i had a lemon already cut) and a little mayo. i ate this turkey-avocado salad on white (cause that's what i had -- a potato bread hot dog roll). oh. so. gooood.

                                                  it was billed at the grocery store ("giant") as a "black" avocado -- looks like a hass, but not as wrinkly; but, it had a better texture and flavor compared with the hass that i've had over the last two-three years. i'm very pleased with the variety -- buttery, flavorful, firm but not hard. maybe it is just a variety of hass, but it is better, imo.

                                                  1. hannaone, does your MIL use the rice paper wrappers like those used in vietnamese "summer rolls"? http://www.quickspice.com/scstore/ima...

                                                    just soften by soaking in water, drying and then filling to roll up?

                                                    btw, you can serve this by frying those rolls, too -- right?

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                                                    1. re: alkapal

                                                      Same rice paper package.

                                                      Soften in lukewarm water then fill and roll before they dry out again.

                                                      When she fries them she uses two of the skins so they don't break as easily.

                                                    2. I too love the traditions of Thanksgiving and its bounty - The Best Sandwich Of The Entire Year!

                                                      But this year I found that one little extra tweak that simply turned me on my ear.

                                                      I make mine in the classic way. First a soft, tasty French roll (from a bakery only, if not available, a good country style Farm bread will do). If using the roll, hollow out some of the bread to give room. Spread one side liberally with mayo (no salad dressing). Pile on the leftover Turkey and top with a good amount of stuffing.

                                                      Now for final touch... Spread the top slice of bread with COLD leftover turkey gravy. It's Heaven. It adds an unbelievable richness while keeping the cold sandwich tradition alive. Add cranberry sauce on the side please.

                                                      1. In a tortilla, sausage stuffing and turkey. Make two, homemade cranberry sauce on one and gravy in the other. A little hot sauce on everything, quick and easy snack or breakfast.

                                                        1. Cold or hot turkey on a lowcarb wrap with Sriracha Mayo (equal parts mayo and the delicious chili garlic sauce with the rooster on the bottle) with cilantro and crunchy fresh red onion, and whatever else you have on hand. The Sriracha Mayo is the most important part.

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                                                          1. The New Mexican: turkey, stuffing, mayo and a couple of fresh roasted green chiles (aka Anaheims) on bread or wrapped in a flour tortilla.

                                                            1. Substituted for the usual mayo a garden-end sandwich spread made with chopped green tomatoes, peppers, onion, mustard, herbs (and yes, a little mayonnaise too). Added a little zing to the traditional turkey sandwich.

                                                              1. did i mention my "asian" turkey lettuce wrap? did an asian-style salad dressing (similar to the warm duck salad i've been yakking about recently on this home cooking board) with some chopped turkey, served in butter lettuce wraps. quite tasty!

                                                                quick and easy: fresh lime juice (whole lime), sesame oil, fish sauce, chopped scallions, lots of fresh mint and coriander, cellophane noodles, garlic (?), fresh grated ginger, sriracha. wished i'd had some lemongrass, but i made do. let the turkey sit in the dressing for a couple of minutes or so before chowing.

                                                                not thai, not chinese, but it worked for me.

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                                                                1. re: alkapal

                                                                  Sounds great! Pilgrims meet Buddha! Or is that Puritans vs Pattya! Either way, it sounds yummy

                                                                  1. re: FriedClamFanatic

                                                                    the "funky" turkey aspect is greatly overcome by *lots* of the green stuff -- mint and cilantro were essential!

                                                                2. Another asian inspiration: Turkey Bahn Mi.

                                                                  A nice split grinder roll, spoon nauck cham (a mixture of fish sauce, lime and chili...and more) on one side, smear the other with a pork pate (braunschager will do in a pinch) and a wee bit of mayo. quick pickle some julianed carrot and daikon in rice vinegar add a few sprigs of cilantro and of course the turkey (smoked turkey would be even better.)
                                                                  I started with John Thorne's essay from Pot on the Fire and just ran with it.
                                                                  I found this to be a nice bright and fresh means of recovering from Thanksgiving stupor.

                                                                  1. For me, 7 grain bread, cream cheese, cranberry relish, a leaf lettuce, a little sweet onion and of course the turkey. My kids love a sandwich that a local sandwich shop makes this time of year, a soft hoagie style roll, turkey, dressing, and gravy.