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Nov 21, 2008 12:04 AM

Recs for guests in Marina del Rey

Are there spots that are family friendly and moderately priced, but still rise above Cheesecake Factory? Friends are staying for a few days in the area and I'd like to give them some enlightened suggestions.

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  1. Cafe del Rey, but that might be too pricey. I like it better than Cheesecake factory. (NOT much of an endorsement?) There is also the Pasta Factory on Washington, not far away, which is definitely family friendly, and tasty.

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    1. re: lotta_cox

      would NOT consider cafe del rey to be either
      1) family friendly
      2) moderately priced

      it is, however, one of my favorite restaurants.

      1. re: westsidegal

        I have been there with family (and kids) several times and found it very comfortable and accomodating.

        1. re: lotta_cox

          We've been w/ two families totaling nine - from our end it was the usual chaos wrangling kids. But Cafe Del Rey was fine as usual...

    2. Irori sushi. Not cheap, but very reasonably priced for sushi. Lot fs of families go there. They have tatami tables where you sit on the ground, adults and kids alike enjoy it. I think the atmosphere with tatami tables would be fun for tourists. The sushi is actually quite good, and they also have cooked items (which I have personally never eaten).

      1. I really like Cafe Del Rey, and have taken out-of-town family and friends there coming up from LAX. But it has gotten very expensive. To avoid any unexpected surprises, check out their menus on the website -- Dinner, lunch, and brunch menus are listed in detail, and prices are included. Note that on weekdays, their bar menu is quite inexpensive and allows you and your party to enjoy the nice ambiance and fun view of the boats in the marina right outside the windows. I don't know about kids in the bar area, however, so call for their policy or go late after the kids are down.

        That is not really my area of town, but Antica Pizza is a lot better and nicer than one would think glancing from the outside, and serves real authentic pizzas and pasta. Opinions vary on C & O Trattoria, but it is casual, fun, and has big portions. There is that Italian place known for tons of garlic with a big venue in Westchester and another on Washington at Lincoln -- Alejo's. Baby Blues BBQ is on the east side of Lincoln a little bit north and has a very Venice Beach vibe to it -- get the ribs, pulled pork, and mac'n'cheese, and avoid the brisket which is served shredded and pulled rather than sliced or chopped, just wrong.

        Oh, I'll add 26 Beach, on the north side of Washington west of Lincoln, which I remembered after seeing a thread below. Not my favorite -- something about the attitude, the pillows over the seats, the prices, something -- but a lot of 'hounds on this board really like it.

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        1. re: nosh

          In MDR proper I second Antica. Excellent eggplant parm too. I really like 26 Beach. I love the cushions and the benches. I can curl up and stay a while. Had a 2.5 hr business lunch there yesterday and it was great. They served breakfast too. Kids are welcome and I think would be comfortable in both. Only wine and beer served.
          Cafe Del Rey is lovely -think more adult and sophisticated. Great brunch.
          Kids-Ruby's is next to Antica. Burgers, shakes and fries. In Venice-Abbot's Pizza and is that burrito place still open?

          1. re: Densible

            i believe that ruby's is not in business any longer.

            1. re: westsidegal

              I am actually glad that Ruby's is not in business anymore. I found it frightening.

              1. re: westsidegal

                Antica has great pizza. I think the owner is the only Certified Authentic True Italian pizza maker in the State----or something.