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Nov 20, 2008 10:27 PM

LIGHT Thanksgiving apps???

By light, I don't mean fat-free, I mean light on the tummy. Last year, I got all crazy with the apps, I did deviled eggs, bruscetta, procutto/provelone around a breadstick, as well as the cheese, and olives and so forth. So, by the time dinner was there, no one was hungry. This year I want to keep the munchies light. I'm thinking olives, and...uhhhh....that's where I need your help. Maybe some cheese? I tend to go overboard, so steer me right. Thanks, fellow chows.

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  1. I think if you make some dips (traditional sour-cream based as well as others like hummous) with crudite, they lend themselves to "lighter" nibbling. I stay away from cheese and meats, they are pretty heavy before a big dinner. I've rediscovered Chex mix, everyone really loves it if you want a salty/crunchy nibble (and you can make all kinds of flavor variations if you don't want to use the traditional recipe).

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      This is a good plan. At a more recent dinner I attended, we had a few varieties of hummus and dips and still had plenty of room for the dinner. Once we got to the pies (seemingly enough for one per person) we were a bit stuffed though. It's not that hard to make either.

    2. Stay away from cheeses, meats and other rich proteins. Dips, crudites, small canapes or even something as simple as a small bowl of homemade chips with some interesting seasonings would be satisfactory to start. The idea is to keep it light, but keep people noshing.

      1. I must made a really great French onion soup...we haven't tried this before, but will this year. Light and flavorful --along with a crudites platter.

        1. there is so much food at thanksgiving, keep it light. i think olives and nuts are perfect. i have made the mistake of cheese, crostini etc and then people get too full

          1. A friend recently made these for a small dinner party: Dried apricots, flattened w/ a mallet or rolling pin spread w/ a mix of 1/2 cream cheese and 1/2 blue cheese, topped w/ a toasted pecan. Simple, savory and dee-lish. Adam