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LIGHT Thanksgiving apps???

By light, I don't mean fat-free, I mean light on the tummy. Last year, I got all crazy with the apps, I did deviled eggs, bruscetta, procutto/provelone around a breadstick, as well as the cheese, and olives and so forth. So, by the time dinner was there, no one was hungry. This year I want to keep the munchies light. I'm thinking olives, and...uhhhh....that's where I need your help. Maybe some cheese? I tend to go overboard, so steer me right. Thanks, fellow chows.

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  1. I think if you make some dips (traditional sour-cream based as well as others like hummous) with crudite, they lend themselves to "lighter" nibbling. I stay away from cheese and meats, they are pretty heavy before a big dinner. I've rediscovered Chex mix, everyone really loves it if you want a salty/crunchy nibble (and you can make all kinds of flavor variations if you don't want to use the traditional recipe).

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      This is a good plan. At a more recent dinner I attended, we had a few varieties of hummus and dips and still had plenty of room for the dinner. Once we got to the pies (seemingly enough for one per person) we were a bit stuffed though. It's not that hard to make either.

    2. Stay away from cheeses, meats and other rich proteins. Dips, crudites, small canapes or even something as simple as a small bowl of homemade chips with some interesting seasonings would be satisfactory to start. The idea is to keep it light, but keep people noshing.

      1. I must made a really great French onion soup...we haven't tried this before, but will this year. Light and flavorful --along with a crudites platter.

        1. there is so much food at thanksgiving, keep it light. i think olives and nuts are perfect. i have made the mistake of cheese, crostini etc and then people get too full

          1. A friend recently made these for a small dinner party: Dried apricots, flattened w/ a mallet or rolling pin spread w/ a mix of 1/2 cream cheese and 1/2 blue cheese, topped w/ a toasted pecan. Simple, savory and dee-lish. Adam

            1. I made a roasted butternut squash dip a few thanksgivings ago and it was well recieved. The same thanksgiving I served a pear blue cheese, and a cranberry goat cheese, for appetizers.

              1. it's funny, we always have veggies and dips, but i have to be careful because i find the veggies to be potentially bloating given the gassiness factor, which is never fun to feel as sitting down to a meal... they're the best choice since they aren't too heavy, but i'd stay away from ones that are too cruciferous.

                1. What about a variety of popcorn (different types, with different salts/flavorings)? You could display it with some dried red and yellow corn cobs and they make some really great seasonings for the popped corn.

                  1. Thank you! So many great suggestions-Thanksgiving will be a breeze! So much less work to do now!

                    1. Well, for me, it would be foie gras done ten ways, or deep-fried lard.

                      No, wait - I just re-read the initial article.

                      My wife does a smoked salmon on toast rounds. OK, there is oil in the smoked salmon, but not THAT much. She puts a dollop of créme fraîche and then adds capers (tiniest berry size available).

                      Another, and great with Champagne is to take new potatoes, boil them, but not too long. Cut in half, and use a mellon-baller to extract a cavity. She fills the cavity with créme fraîche and then adds caviar atop.

                      If one went with fat-free créme fraîche, or similar, you'd have a light app. These also work well if the guests are walking about, as they are great finger-food.

                      Wines for the salmon: white - King Estate Reserve Pinot Grigio. [Note the "Reserve" in this wine's name - I am far less a fan of their (or most producer's) regular PG's. Red - any number of WA/OR Pinot Noirs.

                      For the potatoes: Most Blanc-de-blanc Champagnes (Brut), many Blanc-de-noir (Brut) or about any well-made Brut Rosé Champage. For domestic, Iron Horse does some really nice sparklers in either blanc, or Rosé.


                      1. Shrimp cocktail
                        Oysters with shallot mignonette
                        Prosciutto-wrapped crudite
                        Stuffed mushrooms with sage, or stuffed with crabmeat

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                          I'd second the oysters. Match with champagne.

                        2. This is why the Relish Tray was invented.

                          1. I'd like to reply to the OP: Are we to assume your screen name refers to Dwight Schrute's farm? Then I would suggest a light borscht or some roasted beets to dip in a light sour cream dip.

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                              Ha! Yes, I am a HUGE Office fan. And I love beets, although I can't say the same for all my guests :)

                            2. Some cream cheese, thinned a bit with some of the olive brine; add some chopped olives and stuff into some celery ribs, cut into 1" pieces.

                              Serve with some Marcona almonds

                              That's what we're having

                              1. Homemade crackers are easy and tasty. I recently made some crackers with rosemary and sea salt from . . . I want to say Food & Wine . . . anyway search epicurious.com for "rosemary crackers." Just roll dough very thin, bake, then break into "rustic" free-form pieces. It was kind of like focaccia, but in light flaky cracker form. Could be dipped in a hummus or nice tangy feta cheese dip.

                                  1. Allright, I ended up with nuts and olives, and I made a veg platter with a pesto dip (cream cheese, store bought pesto, and parm in a food processer), BUT I copied down all the suggestions b/c they all sounded GREAT!! Thanks!