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Nov 20, 2008 08:33 PM

Great Soup in New Hampshire

I am looking for recommendations for good soups served anywhere from diners to fine dining establishments in New Hampshire.
For example, I just had a good lentil soup from Zaruna at 100 Hanover St. in Manchester, and love the Fisherman's soup at San Francisco Kitchen in Nashua.
Of course, made-from-scratch is important as is creativity. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I am collecting this information for possible publication.

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  1. I haven't been in awhile but I usually love the soups at In A Pinch Cafe in Concord NH. In summer, the cold peach is fantastic.

    1. I am a big fan of the soups at Harlows, in Peterborough. Their black bean soup is, according to my half Mexican friend, the best she's had since her grandmother's soup. My favorite is the veggie chili with everything, although it is more a stew than a soup. Others rave about the Hungarian Mushroom. There are usually a few more varying choices, all home made, although the black bean and the veggie chili are always on the menu.

      1. I just had the Chix Tortilla soup at Consuello Taquaria on Amhurst St, in Manchester. Fantastic, hubby and I split it - dieing to go back and have my own. I hate when you have something really fantastic but not enough - it ends up being on my mind forever until I get back or try and make my own.

        1. Collins Brothers in Nashua has some good stuff.

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            I second Collins Brothers, especially their hungarian mushroom soup, and fish chowder which is an occasional special. They're at 59 Temple St in Nashua, take out only, and they are only open Thursday - Saturday. Call them at 603-883-2347 and they'll you the day's menu.

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              Thanks for your suggestions. I did just discover Collins Brothers "Nashua best-kept secret" all the patrons where saying... brought the chicken noodle back to work and everyone loved it. Tried most of them except the fish chowder. Will give that a try.
              Will keep the peach soup in mind, but for now looking for hearty winter fare.
              Will get over to the Taquaria, too and Harlows. Anyone have a favorite at Loaf and Ladle in Exeter?

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                Never had the peach soup at In a Pinch, but they've got different soups that rotate out a lot. Plenty of hearty winter soups there at this time of year. I went to their second location called Still In a Pinch a few days ago and they had a white bean and pork chili that was delicious. Think they have 3-4 soups a day, that rotate rather quickly, don't think quite daily though.

                Another place I've enjoyed soup, and have mentioned them on this board before, but Beefside in Concord on Manchester St. They've always got a french onion, a fish chowder, and I believe a corn chowder. I love their french onion and fish chowder, the corn one is decent but I've had better. They will also sometimes have a soup on their daily specials. I've had a lobster bisque there that was great.

          2. This might be a strange recommendation but i love the soups at the downstairs cafeteria at Souther NH Hospital on Main Street in Nashua. They offer 2 soups a day, usually a chowder/cream soup and a broth based soup. The menu changes so I'm still waiting for my two favorites-Chalupa ( a mexican bean soup) and Portuguese Kale soup. I order take out with a pint priced from $1.95-$2.50.

            I also enjoy the 5 Bean soup from the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH.

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              Is that St. Joseph's Hospital in Nashua? I ask , because my Mom was there for a short time and we loved the food, great price, great quality. It became a joke "anytime in Nashua and need a good cheap meal, stop at the hosp".

              1. re: lexpatti

                No. It's the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center (formerly Memorial Hospital) at 280 Main Street. See website:
                In my opinion the food there is better than St. Joseph's. Their soups are definitely better-very homestyle with fresh ingredients. They offer a wider variety of foods including a salad bar and soft yogurt machine. If you're in the downtown area, you can run and do self service take out.Their soup prices can't be beat.