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Nov 20, 2008 06:38 PM

HELP - the "8% basting solution" label on my turkey is throwing me off!

I'm very confused. The turkey I received as a gift today says on the label that it already has 8% basting solution. Does that mean the turkey does not require any further brining? Or does that only mean the turkey has been processed with fat or butter, but HAVEN'T been brined??

Should I brine, in a case like this? I was intending to brine for 16 hours for an 18-lb turkey. But with this new discovery, maybe I should just brine for 6-10 hours? Is that a good decision, considering my family are not very fond of salty foods. PLEASE HELP, and thanks!

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  1. My local meat guy tells me that "prebasted" turkeys are injected with ingredients that differ from one processor to another. But the label should list what's in the basting mix. He also informs me that you should never brine a prebasted turkey; unless you really like VERY salty food.
    There's lot of information about prebasted turkey and how to cook them on the web:

    1. does the supplier have a website?

      I'm curious. I'm kinda suspicious of pre-anything.

      I followed some of the links and I'm more off turkey than ever.

      duck or pheasant. yep.

      1. I have brined a butterball turkey before for 5 hours and it didn't create a very salty bird. I wanted to add flavors beyond salt to my bird. I follow Alton brown's recipe for brining and my family loves it. I have also used that basic recipe but replaced some of the sugar and water in the recipe with OJ and it worked beautfully.

        While I know that bringing is not suggested for bre basted birds, My results, while not necessarlily normal have convinced me that nothing too terrible is going to happen.

        Also, there is little reason to brine a bird that long, 6-8 hours is plenty....