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Nov 20, 2008 06:04 PM

Los Gatos/Willow Glen Meat & Smokehouse (wild game & homemade Turducken) - any reports?

They have Holiday wild game: deer venison, elk, buffalo, ostrich & our homemade Turducken & fresh Turkey. Any reports?

Los Gatos/Willow Glen Meat & Smokehouse

575 University Ave, LG 95030 408-354-7055

885 Delmas Ave, SJ 95125 279-4009

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  1. Willow Glen Meat & Smokehouse used to be Ralphs, I had Ralph's catering twice, it was ok BBQ,

    I used to have my fish and game processed at Los Gatos Meats, their smoked products are ok. I had some service issues and found another processor for game and I went back to processing my own fish.

    Neither place is a must try place for me, I perfer Corralitos for smoked products and Swingles for meats.

    1. At Los gatos, The turckduckne was formidable, taking 14 hours to cook. It was a hit at the table but I would think twice before doing it again.

      1. Is the market in Santa Clara owned by the same people?

        Los Gatos Meats & Smoke House
        575 University Ave, Los Gatos, CA

        Willow Glen Meats & Smoke House
        885 Delmas Ave, San Jose, CA

        Willow Glen Quality Meats
        1810 Richard Ave, Santa Clara, CA

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