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Nov 20, 2008 04:53 PM

Informal in Wethersfield, CT

Hoping folks can help out a new couple that just moved to Wethersfield. I've read the other boards regarding Wethersfield, but still looking for more answers:

-> Good pizza joint? I like my pizza with a thin crust and so far have tried Leo's (thumbs down) and Vito's (decent but somewhat of a thick crust)

-> Good Chinese and Thai restaurants? Have already seen mixed reviews on other postings for Phukets?

-> Good hamburger joints? Esp interested in anyone that can do a Philly cheesesteak properly (We've just moved from Philadelphia).

-> Finally...a good bar...I define a good bar as somewhat low key, good beer selection on tap, English pub type vibe...a tv or 2 to catch a game...I've been down to Old Town Cafe recently to watch a football game and it sort of hit the right notes...

Appreciate the help...I'd ask about the finer places to dine as well except that (a) most of you have covered those bases already and (b) we have a 1 year old which makes fine dining a chore...but more than willing to hear about good fine dining if we do get a night to ourselves...

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  1. For bar...Wood n Tap on the Silas Deane. I'm not a huge fan of their food but I'm in the minority on that. friend swears by Village Pizza in Old Wethersfield.
    Cheesesteak....I dig Doogies in nearby Newington on the Berlin Trnpk.

    1. i agree with MB about wood n tap.. ok bar but eh food. the burgers at village pizza are ok, but they're better at city fish IMO.

      the cheesesteak at doogie's is good but will do nothing for a philly native. there is nothing like a philly cheesesteak in this area whatsoever.

      for thin crust pizza, giovanni's is your only real option (nyc style).. i'd recommend you go west to harry's (w. hartford) or north to first & last tavern (hartford).

      best place to watch a game in the immediate area is city steam brewpub in hartford, right over the line.

      wang's kitchen on silas deane hwy is the best chinese takeout in town, but no eating in. still, the best is mediocre, so is phuket. for chinese or thai, again, west hartford, manchester, etc.

      wethersfield, unfortunately, is the home of bad greek pizza, fried cutlets and dollar stores. not really a food destination of any sorts.

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        Have you tried Vito's deep dish pizza? It is excellent. Also they have a good white clam with garlic pie as well. Yeah, their crust is a bit thicker but it is still pretty good for this area (not many thin crust places around).

        I also agree about Doogies having a good cheesesteak. As close to Philly as you can get.

        Village Pizza does make a good burger. We go there often for lunch from Glastonbury.

        Also check out City Fish. They have great fresh fried fish and seafood. They now have a dining room to eat in with a bar for beer. Check Saybrook Fish House and Check's in neighboring Rocky Hill as well.

        I will say that while Wethersfield is not a gourmet's delight, they do have some pretty good middle-of-road places that other towns in the area lack. Jay

      2. pizza: yes, Vito's crust is on the thick side. Inquire if they will make a thin crust for you- I seem to recall seeing they will do it to order on a menu at one of the Vito's family-operated locations.

        good family place: I second the comment on City Fish- you get your food at the counter and take it home or eat in the lovely dining room, no table service, very suitable for small kids, beer available too. The coldest AC you have ever enjoyed in the summer. Food service stops at 7pm. As good as any fish place at the shore, lobster rolls, too.