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Nov 20, 2008 04:29 PM

15 East

I want to take my family, who will be visiting from out of town, to 15 East. We've been to Yasuda and love it and want to switch it up a bit. When all four of us go together, we normally sit at a table, but I would so much rather have the best we can, so I want to sit at the bar. Is that possible/ enjoyable with four people? Which chef should i request to be in front of? Also, dad sometimes likes getting cooked food as well, can he do that if we are sitting at the bar?

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  1. yes you can sit at the bar for 4, but def make a res b/c there are probably only about 10 seats at the bar (maybe less)...there is only one sushi chef, so you don't have to worry about that (i'm blanking on his name, but he's a really nice guy)...among my favorite in the city, in fact its probably right behind yasuda / kuruma

    yes you can order cooked food at the sushi bar (be sure to order the tako yawarakani appetizer...its prob one of the best if not the best octopus ive ever had) and the soba is supposed to be excellent (which i have not had a chance to try) b/c i believe the old chef from honmura hon is the soba chef there (honmura hon was the best soba place in the city before the owner shut down and went back to japan)

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      chef's name is Masato-san (Masato Shimizu, i believe)...i agree that's he's great...he was the chef at Jewel Bako back in it's glory days...

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        Great thanks! Looking forward to it.

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          Make a reservation. As Lau said, the bar is small but it is an L shape with 2 seats on the small side of the L so that would be a good area for 4 people. Masato-san is great and I'm a big fan of the place. I always do the chef's sushi tasting there and have Masato-san add to it with other choices (but I always wind up asking for one of the tuna options he keeps in the wooden box, esp the tuna cheek). The soba is also great there as is the octopus appetizer.

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            oh yeah that tuna cheek is excellent...i need to go back there soon

            1. re: Lau

              How much do you end up spending there per person, before tax/ tip and alcohol.

              1. re: lucyj

                its on par with going to yasuda or any of the other top places (price wise), its probably around $80-100 depending on exactly how much you get (i always get the omakase and an order of the tako yawarakani)