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Nov 20, 2008 04:25 PM

Portillos ChIcAgO HoT DoGs

worth the drive to Orange County ( Knotts Berry Farm is a stone throw away)
its on La Palma & cross street is Beach - same corner as Knotts Berry Farm

Go East On La Palma its down on the right - about 3 to 4 Restaurants down maybe 2 blocks?

Great introduction to Chicago Hot Dogs! very authentic and well regarded by true Chicagoans


Chicago Style hot Dog
1-Mild yellow mustard
2.Beef Hot Dog
3. Fresh chopped onion
4. NEON colored Relish
5. Kosher Dill Spear
6.two tomato wedges
7. a few sport peppers
8.a dash of celery salt
9. a steamed poppy seed bun

back in the depression street vendors in Chicago invented this delicious hot meal on a bun!
it cost just a nickel - these Vendors thrived - thus was born the Chicago Hot Dog!

and the interior decorations are celebrating Chicago's Gangster Era - complete with life size Gangster dummy's & memorabilia

a full salad bar and healthy menu is also available

go early or plan on a little waiting -


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  1. Last time I was there the poppy seed buns were coming from Chicago.

    Hey, you forgot the best things there.....the Italian Beef Sandwich !!!!

    1. OMG! I cannot believe they opened one in the OC. Crazy. I was raised on those dogs and was stoked when they opened one where I went to college at NIU it has followed me to LA!

      Real Chicago hot dogs and delicious. Scooby's in Hollywood is my chi-town dog back-up!

      1. It isn't my favorite Chicago hot dog, for those that don't know of the place.

        1. Portillo's is a nice addition to the Los Angeles fast-food scene, but, contrary to misinformation on this board and elsewhere around the Web, their hot dogs -- while better than average -- are not from Vienna Beef. You can see that by checking the list of California restaurants on the Web site, by looking at Portillo's hot dog packaging, or, simply, by eating one. In other words, I would never go to a Portillo's in Chicago, but it's a good choice this far out.

          The Buena Park store arrived in 2005, and a second location opened this year in Moreno Valley, on Day St. just south of the 60, for those of you headed to Palm Springs this winter.

          Incidentally, their Italian beef is better than any I've had outside of what we used to call the Greater Chicagoland Area, but it's not up to real Chicago competition, and I don't care for the bread. The fries weren't much at the beginning, but they've improved slightly in the last couple of years (or maybe I've just had too many lousy In-n-Out fries). And the chocolate cake shake is a monster for the truly committed.

          Unlike many fast-food joints, Portillo's is big, attractive, and inviting. It offers a variety of choices, including a nice-looking selection of salads, although, for a main dish, I've never gone beyond hot dogs, Italian beefs, and Italian sausages (not a strong choice here). When I'm craving real hot dogs and can't make a quick trip to Chicago, however, I get mail-order Vienna Beef (w/S. Rosen's buns). And when I want a great Italian beef I have Al's #1 Italian Beef on Taylor Street in the old neighborhood send me a few pounds, with hot giardiniera, plenty of gravy, and good bread. Almost as fine as the sandwich is the opportunity to talk to the guy who answers the phone -- one of Chicago's great characters.

          Portillo's Hot Dogs
          8390 La Palma Ave, Buena Park, CA 90620

          Portillo's Hot Dogs
          12840 Day St, Moreno Valley, CA 92553

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          1. re: sbritchky

            well, if i'm going to moreno vally, i might as well go to Chicago Pasta House instead for their chicago pizzas, some of the only vaguely authentic chitown pizzas anywhere in the southland and of course a sideline in italian beef sandwiches, complete with the aforemetioned giardinia.

          2. I usually order the combo sandwich. Italian beef AND sausage together. Artery-bustin' but damn tasty. Often pickup sandwiches in the drive-thru and take them to Angels games (get 'em dry with a side of jus). Yes, they allow outside food. Better than anything inside Angels stadium IMO.