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Nov 20, 2008 04:03 PM

10 lbs of Chestnuts...What to Do ???

I have 10 lbs of fresh chestnuts. After many searches for recipes, I only find ones that are for dressings/stuffings, soups, or dishes with brussel sprouts. I'm looking to find other uses for them. Would like to know how tasty chestnut soup is from anyone that's made it. Also, I've heard that you can freeze them for future use. Is this done in or out of the shell? Any suggestions or recipes would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. first thing that comes to my mind is a chocolate chestnut cake - it's actually a traditional Italian dessert called Torta di Castagne.

    i'm used to baking with chestnut flour, not whole chestnuts, but scharffen berger has a recipe on their site for a cake that uses whole chestnuts:

    one of the chestnut farms that sells its products online has a recipe page with some interesting ideas...

    and here's a recipe for a Banana Chestnut Quickbread:

    chestnuts can be frozen in or out of the shell - it depends what you're planning to use them for in the future. but you can't roast them once they've been frozen, so if you like them roasted, do it first, before freezing.

    1. The color of chestnut soup can be off putting but the taste is wonderful. We have had it several times in restaurants and a couple years back a friend gave me some of his 10 pounds and I made the soup myself. It was as good as I remembered.

      1. nigella's lentil + chestnut soup was SO delicious. even when frozen and reheated! really home-y.

        (it's nigella... how can you go wrong?)

        1. Candy some of them!

          Every Christmas I make candied chestnut and fig panetonne. Candied chestnuts in syrup keep for ages the fridge and are great over ice cream.

          1. Roasted chestnuts, Stilton cheese, and a good Port is the exprected ending for all our winter holiday dinners. I love this time of year.