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Nov 20, 2008 03:48 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner Near Toms River

Okay I live in Los Angeles and my parents live in Manchester,NJ Exit 88 and Route 70 on the Garden State Pkwy ( some 55 and older community Renaissance ) My Dad is having Heart Bypass Surgery at Jersey Shore University Medical Center this Monday the 24th.. ( yup Im the good son and making the pilgramage) Where do I take my 77 year old spunky Mom for Thanksgivng Dinner? By then hopefully my Dad will be in better shape and Mom and I can be Thankful.. Price is no option but Mom is kinda low key but will live it up on my dime. What say you? Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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  1. Can't help you with Thanksgiving dinner but wish your father well/

    1. Try the TOWN & COUNTRY Restaurant on rt 37 in Toms River....very good meals at good prices.
      They are showing Thanks Giving Special Dinners also.

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        F&W - how's your dad doing? Take Mom to the Marriott Seaview and if they're booked, ask for Eric Reid to help you and tell him that the girl who raved about him on TripAdvisor sent ya!

        All the best - you're a mench!

      2. It might be too late but you could try the Captain’s Inn on Lacy Road in Forked River, NJ. My family had Thanksgiving dinner there about five years ago. We were planning on having it at my Sister’s house in Barnegat, NJ that year but her oven conked out at the last minute and we had to scramble. As I recall everything was served family style then and it was pretty good. I see that they’re now doing a buffet and it looks pretty good. Good luck, I hope your Dad is doing well.