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Nov 20, 2008 02:45 PM

Steiner Ranch Steakhouse

Anyone know if its open yet or have any info?

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  1. Website is here:

    But it doesn't say when they open and I can't send them an email and there is not phone number. Odd.

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    1. They had a sign sayingthey are opening Friday the 28th

      1. The restaurant opened last weekend. The phone number is (512) 381-0800.

        1. So did anyone try it for opening weekend?

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          1. re: amykragan

            Sat 7/25/09 experience at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse was horrible. Had to seach out wait staff for drinks on patio. Steaks were poorly done and improperly cooked and over seasoned. Poor service abounds. Waited 25 minutes for drinks after being seated and another 20 minutes to have orders taken. Not sure why they even asked how we wanted steaks cooked, because no one's steak was cooked to order. Bobby's fovorite was two bites at $42 or $21 per bite. DO NOT GO!

            1. re: KreweOfUtopia

              General Manager at Steiner Ranch has contacted us and offered a gift certificate to let them prove themselves. Very polite response and we will try again and report back to my fellow Chowhounds.

              1. re: KreweOfUtopia

                My relatives went and while I was over at their place the next day I poached the steak they brought back for my lunch. I know one of my relatives likes rare steaks but his better half never lets him order it so I was surprised to see the steak was on the rare side of pure rare. And yes it turned out he ordered medium rare but got rare. Not a problem for him because thats what he likes, but if I ordered it I would have sent it back.
                I gave it the basic steak 101 finger prod and a rank amateur could tell it was super rare.
                However in the restaurants favor the decor is nice, the quality of the beef is high and worth the money, and the service is good.
                Also i've been before and the steak was cooked perfectly so its likely just someone new on the line or they got slammed and sent out undercooked food.

                1. re: duncan36

                  I still stand by my original post. When you are in this price range, the customer should always expect great service and great food. As a customer, I am unconcerned about their staffing problems and expect better performane.

            2. Finally went back with the gift certificates from the General Manager after a horrible first experience. Second time around, the service and food were good. The steak was still over seasoned. III Forks is still better for the price.