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Nov 20, 2008 02:40 PM

MSP: Disapointed w/ Heartland

Hi chowhounds. went to Heartland last night for the first time ever. Was really excited to go, especially because of their vegetarian tasting menu. Vegetarian menu items are usually so dull and uninspired and I was anxious to see what Lenny had to offer.
What a disappointment. We ordered a soup that wasn't on the tasting menu and it was good. It was labeled as a root vegetable soup with wild rice and mushrooms. The 'shrooms were delicious, but there was no taste of any root vegetables. Just mushrooms and rice in a cream sauce. My first course was frise with cheve, pecans, and onions. the very cold, smokey red onions completely overpowered every other flavor. my entree course was really terrible, but sounded so good: red curry squash gnocchi. There were 6 tiny gnochis that were flavorless and gritty and there wasn't a sauce on them. There was some very undercooked leafy greens that were bitter. The whole thing desperately needed seasoning and a sauce!!!!!!! I could have made a much better meal for myself. The dessert was good, but not amazing. It was some mound of chocolate cake and pear.

Tell me, am I the only one out there that isn't impressed with Heartland?

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  1. I wonder if the root vegetables might have been pureed into the soup base, giving it a creamy appearance. Is that possible?

    I haven't been to Heartland in a while - when I went it was good. Sorry you didn't enjoy it!

    1. I'm actually shocked to hear of your experience. I've sent friends, relatives, and business associates and everyone has come back with favorable reviews. I almost always direct vegetarians that way because I know Chef Russo can handle that as well as anyone in town.

      I'm really, really inclined to believe your evening was an outlier and not a standand representation of the restaurant as a whole. I'd urge you to give it another shot sometime, possibly sitting in the wine bar and trying some of the bar menu dishes as a way to gently wade back in.

      I'd recommend sending an e-mail to the restaurant explaining why you were dissatisfied. I'm sure they would like to know so that they can make sure it doesn't happen in the future. Chef Russo takes his customer's experiences and feedback seriously as he wants everyone to have a positive experience at his restaurant.

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        Sorry for the bad meal

        I ate at the wine bar this past week and had an excellent pheasant on a bed of wild rice, b'nut squash and apple pilaf. A roasted beet salad and some lovely wine were also very nice.

        My dining companion and I shared some cheese. She had a soup and the beet salad (hold the bacon) and enjoyed both.

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