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Nov 20, 2008 02:26 PM

Has anyone tried the new Silver & Stone in Georgetown?

The menu looks promising (although not adventurous), and there's a wine bar and 2900 sq ft balcony (restaurant is on the 3rd floor of a new bldg near the town square), so it's a nice location.

Some of the menu items that caught my eye:
Salt Roasted Ruby Trout Salad
Pastrami Cured Muscovy Duck (interesting, altho I would think the spices would overwhelm)
Pot Pie of Red Tasmanian Crab
Steak Frites (wonder if it's a good rendition)

I'm hoping someone has checked it out already -- I'm considering dragging my parents out there when they're in town next week, but I don't have time to go before then.

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  1. I posted about this place a few weeks ago. My friend's son-in-law is chef and I still haven't had a chance to get to Georgetown for a meal. If you happen to go, please post back!

    1. Yes, this restaurant is wonderful. I've been there 3 times and have thoroughly enjoyed it each time. I took out-of-town customers a couple of weeks ago and the words "wonderful" and "outstanding" were said by all 4 gentlemen numerous times. Their chayote squash soup and tomato mozeralla salad are phenomenal and every entree I have tried has been absolutely delicious. The only negative I could say would be to be prepared to stay 2 hours when you go.