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Nov 20, 2008 02:26 PM

Best steakhouse?

Looking for a non-chain steakhouse in town that is delicious and reasonably priced (well, for a steakhouse anyway). Any suggestions?

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  1. Non-chain steakhouses in Austin. That are delicious. Dang, you've stumped me.

    Backstage Steakhouse is very good, but not in Austin. I haven't been in a long time, so maybe a 'hound who has made a recent stop can chime in?

    Austin Land & Cattle is a non-chain steakhouse in Austin, but not delicious. Ditto Hoffbrau, only moreso.

    Vespaio sometimes has delicious steaks on special, is non-chain and in Austin, but isn't a steakhouse. (Lots of other fancy restaurants in Austin often have pretty good steaks, but again, they're not steakhouses and they usually aren't "reasonably priced".)

    I'm not sure there is a restaurant in Austin that meets all of your criteria. Sorry! I'll watch this thread eagerly, maybe someone will post a good one!

    1. Mesa Ranch was really good the two times that I went there. I had filet both times and it was perfectly cooked and seasoned. However, it's been a few months so I'm referencing this thread for more current opinions. By the way, they have opened a location south which I have yet to visit. I wouldn't mind hearing other's current opinions about either location.

      There is also that new place that I'm considering for today, Cover 3. I'm fairly intrigued by the menu and curious about the sports bar bend. On paper, I like it. We'll see how it translates.

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        We moved near Mesa Ranch last year and have been there three times. The service is lovely, the room is pleasant, there's even cowboy entertainment, but the food was just not worth the price, and I gave it three chances. It's so close to my house, I really wanted to like it.

        I'd rather go downtown to Austin Land and Cattle. The best in town is Cool River, imo, but that's a chain.

      2. Eddie V's is a self proclaimed seafood place, but serves Allen Bros. steaks. Truly the best in town.

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        1. re: troyg

          I second that- best steak I have had to date in Austin was at a Eddie V's- better than Ruth's Chris, Fleming's, or ALC. One caveat, Eddie V's is technically a chain- with locations in Phoenix and a few more supposedly opening elsewhere. One other "steak" that I love is the hangar steak and fries at Jeffrey's- I have ordered it every time we have visited, variety be damned.

          1. re: plinko21

            Sorry, but comparing anything to Ruth's Chris is a no-brainer. The only time I ate at there was 2 times for me: the first and the last. The steak was tough, dry, and flavorless (and no I did not order it well done); my wife's salmon steak wasn't much better. I don't see what the big deal is about this place. Personally I hardly ever eat steak at a restaurant because I can do so much better at home and for far less money. And yes, Eddie V's was very good the time I ate there, and far cheaper than Ruth's Chris, but still too pricey for my blood unless it is a very special occasion.