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Chicken Pot Pie?

Ready, set, go!

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  1. I really enjoy the Chicken Pot Pie at Penelope's on Lexington in Murray Hill. Totally homemade with a perfect side salad.

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        Believe it or not, downstairs at Macy's Food Court - YUM!!!

      2. sounds good. I was secretly hoping one would be in delivery range of me over on houston and mott. Surprisingly none of the american style places round here have it. Is MayRose still open? I think I remember hearing it closed a few years ago.

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          Mayrose closed and now it is an Italian restaurant called Lunetta.

        2. I had a delicious pot pie at the Brooklyn Diner on W. 57th Street

          I don't recall if it was on the regular dinner menu or if it was a special of the day.

          Yummy crust.

          1. Try the pie from Meredith's Bread, which you can find at many Greenmarkets:


            1. It's not exactly a chicken pot pie, but you can see what's on the menu at the Tuck Shop, which is not far from you and open late. Their pies taste delicious and home made.

              1. Chelsea Market had awesome chix-pot-pies. They were individual small pies for take-out. I say had because I have not been there in a long time, hopefully they still have them.

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                  It's at the Green table (I think that's what it's called) at Chelsea Market. I had one, it was perfect in a homey way, but just a little bit bland.

                2. I liked the chicken pot pie at p*ong-it's actually very traditional in taste, with crust on top-a pretty nice portion as well.