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Nov 20, 2008 02:12 PM

Fearings or Pyles?

If I could only eat at one, what would you recommend and why? Or should I extend my stay (and take out a loan (if anyone is lending these days) to do both? Coming to town and taking my brother and his lovely wife to dinner, and both of these have been on my to do list for a while. Appreciate any and all comments.

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  1. Go for Pyles: Fearings is overrated by us locals but Dean has a better PR team.

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    1. I agree with Pyles, although it's a pretty close call. If you want a more subdued and formal setting, dine in the fancy-schmancy dining room at Fearing's (he has three differently styled rooms).

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      1. re: Dallas Alice

        Thanks! I have loved following Pyles restaurants over the years, starting with Baby Routh's. So I think we'll go to Pyles.... appreciate the help!

      2. I think Fearing's is hands down better. I've found Pyles uneven. Fearing's quality is better when it's own and the consistency is better.

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        1. re: Mike C. Miller

          update: we settled on Pyles for dinner.. the restaurant was stunning.... the food was almost stunning and the service was not quite stunning. Does that make any sense?

          I guess I would rate the decor tops, followed by the food, followed by the service.

          I think the gazpacho foursome was the least exciting dish -- rather boring, actually... but I was floored (in a good way) by the banana empanada with bbq braised pork... oh my!

          The tamal tart appetizer was enough for a complete meal. The Poblano soup.... rich and filling as well. The farmer's salad -- one dining partner ate it so slowly, relishing every bite, that our entrees were held hostage.

          Wines were fabulous, and not generally available at retail... isn't that the way, eh?

          Desserts weren't nearly as exciting as apps and entrees...

          I'm sure that Fearings would have been equally delish.... next trip, after the bank account recovers.... thanks to all who gave advice....

          1. re: girlgourmet

            That's a shame.. what has always impressed me the most at S. Pyles is the service! Its why I recommend it over most other 4+ star restaurants -- you don't have to be "someone" to get excellent service. But.. I haven't been in awhile and, well, every place can have an offi night I suppose.

            1. re: dg1873

              Let me clarify about the service.... it wasn't bad. It just didn't shine as much as the ambiance and food... We felt a bit rushed at one point, but that could be because we decided to turn it into an evening.... we were there for almost four hours.

              I personally feel like we dropped enough money to justify the loss of table turn. But perhaps our server felt differently? They weren't busy enough to need our table anyway. I think everyone who came in was seated in a reasonable amount of time.

              We weren't treated like VIPs but I didn't expect that... we're not. Just four hungry foodies who really did enjoy the evening. I just ranked the three components. I would recommend it to anyone but for the ambiance, and food first. Service was completely competent but not "spectacular."

        2. Aurora on Oak Lawn or York Street. Pyles over Fearing. But Aurora or York St over either

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          1. Bump.
            Thinking of going here for a special occasion, so called and was offered a 5:45 rez for next Sat.
            Really torn between the entire "experience" of going to the Ritz, drinks at the Rattlesnake, then dinner at Fearings
            OR Stephen Pyles'.
            More opinions needed!

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            1. re: HalfBaked

              Half Baked,

              Visit the restaurant, get a drink, then go to Lola. You probably will have some money left over after your dinner there. Plus last time I went I was so full I was almost sick. The portions are very large and very filling at Lola! A very reasonable and extensive wine list.