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Nov 20, 2008 01:52 PM

Orange Creamsicle cookies?

Does anyone have any ideas/recipes for an orange creamsicle-flavored cookies? The only recipes I've found all call for Tang, which I'd like to avoid if possible. The only idea I've come up with would be to add orange extract into a sugar cookie recipe, then just put vanilla frosting on top...but I'm not even sure if that would work or give me the flavor I'm looking for!

I'm really new to cooking and baking, but I'd like to try some things out while I'm home for Thanksgiving break.

Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. That sounds really good. You could use a vanilla cookie recipe with orange butter cream or your idea of using orange extract (and also orange zest) in a vanilla cookie. You could also do a mix and have one side vanilla, one side orange.

    I'd probably do a vanilla whoopie pie with an orange filling.

    Vanilla whoopie pie:

    orange cream idea:

    You could make the cookie part orange (changing vanilla to orange extract, add zest) and keep the regular filling, too.

    1. OMG.... there IS such a thing as orange creamsicle cookies? I'm done for............That's the only sweet I actually like!

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        I was thinking the same thing--what a great idea. On another thought, I'll bet a vanilla cookie with orange sherbet; or orange cookies with vanilla ice cream would be great, too. Ice cream sandwich cookies.

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          If you make it.....I'll buy it.

      2. Sounds heavenly! I think I would do a crisp vanilla cookie with a Grand Marnier or Cointreau buttercream filling. Maybe even a bit of orange zest in the buttercream. Then, perhaps, dip the assembled cookie in white chocolate...

        1. A friend of mine just made these for a bake sale and they were AMAZING:

          1 package Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix
          1 tsp orange extract
          1 tsp vanilla extract
          1 egg
          1 stick of butter, melted
          1 c white chocolate chips
          2 drops red food coloring
          1 drop yellow food coloring

          mix all and bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes

          1. Creamsicles. That's a blast from the past and i loved them. Friend of mine who bakes cookies galore for the holidays gave me a cookie recipe that she makes every year, because she knows I love orange flavored stuff. Of course I put it aside and can't find it. The cookies were called orange dreams. A drop cookie with zest and white chocolate chips. maybe something like that would have the flavors you're looking for?

            I Googled and found a lot that pretty much look like this:

            And in my search I found this other one that looks like a buttery meltaway.