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Nov 20, 2008 12:59 PM

Help with my dry chicken.

Please help...I make chicken and salmon quite often for my entire family, but because of my husbands job I never know exactly when he'll be home to eat. As much as we love to eat together, I need to feed my kids many times before he gets home and by the time he's here his meat or fish is totally dried out and my wonderful meal now is a bummer. I have a warming drawer and will tent with foil and keep it on the lower heat, but still dry. Any suggestions would be fabulous. :) Thanks.

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  1. maybe adding a little chicken stock or other liquid in the dish that you are keeping the chicken in

      1. Brine it!

        Brining will add exceptional flavor plus keep the meat moister that you can imagine.

        1. For reheating things and keeping them moist I wrap entirely in foil. That way no moisture can escape.

          1. Suggestions for this meal, or for the future? Once meat has gone dry, there's little you can do with it. You can shred and make croquettes or something, if you're up for making another meal. As we go into colder months, braising is a great way to go with varying meal times. You can keep chicken thighs, chuck roast, short ribs, in sauce on warm and it doesn't dry them out. But fish is another matter. I would only make fish to serve.