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Nov 20, 2008 12:53 PM

Can you freeze?

Basic mashed potatoes (potatoes,butter, milk)?

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  1. Well, you CAN freeze almost anything -- the issue is whether it's advisable, and if so, how. I've never tried to freeze mashed potatoes, but my feeling is that there's always a loss of texture when you freeze potatoes, so I'd expect mashed potatoes to be somewhat more gluey after freezing.

    1. I do to port as measured lunch etc later.Texture is ok,you may not notice any change.My recipe you don't.One thing with my recipe is the the colour alters.From creamy off white
      to a grayish off white,metal container is not to blame.I don't notice it except on some white plates.

      1. I've frozen them before, though with the addition of 1 egg per 5 lbs. of potatoes....My guests had no idea they were frozen, and i was pleased with the texture and taste.

        1. I've frozen mashed potatoes many times, with no noticeable change in texture. I usually just take them and put them in a zip top freezer bag, squish all the air out and lay flat in the freezer for a tidy bundle. If you think you'll be using the leftovers for smaller (one/two people) meals in the future, go with the quart sized baggies (otherwise you'll be defrosting way more than you need!). I either defrost in the fridge and then heat on the stovetop, or I just take them out of the bag, put them in a bowl and microwave, stirring every so often during the microwaving. Good luck, and happy freezing!

          1. Thanks all-
            I'm tired of buying 5lb bags of potatoes and then having 1/3-1/2 of them going bad. Now I'll just make a large batch and freeze them. Now that I've got my FoodSaver, I'm all set.