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Nov 20, 2008 12:40 PM

Epernay / Reims Restaurants Needed

Any recommendations for restaurants in Epernay or Reims (6 of us, family).

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  1. This has been discussed quite a bit. Just search these cities on this board, and you will find many ideas.

    1. Not sure if the high end fits the bill, but I never think of Reims w/o thinking of Les Crayeres. If you can, and want to spend some big bucks... find time to break away from the family and have lunch or dinner at Les Crayeres... one of the most lovely places on the planet. While I still miss Madame & Mssr. Boyer (who retired a few years ago) it's still a spot I never miss when in the area. Check out their web site to get the idea.

      1. This may not be useful for you, but many years ago my wife and I, quite on the spur of the moment, booked a room at Hosterellie du Chateau in Fere en Tardenois (in the Reims/Epernay area) and had the tasting menu for lunch the next day. As we were barely out of our student years, this was the splurge of the trip and more than worth it. It was the first "gourmet" experience in France and set the stage for many years of subsequent great dining.

        I believe this place is under new ownership with a different name (Chateau du Fere), but the restaurant did have michellin star in its day.

        The chateau is a lovely place to stay as well.

        1. Last year at this time, I was staying at Chateau de la Maire, home of the wonderful Michelin 2-star, Assiette Champenoise. The Chateau is just outside Reims in the town of Tinqueux.

          The restaurant is not inexpensive, but for the price, the experience is sublime. Food, service and ambiance were all first rate. We had 4 dinners and one lunch there, and each meal was more exquisite than the last.

          If you can fit it into your budget, you won't be disappointed. And yes, I had dinner at Les Crayères that week, which was also superb, but not better food than Assiette.