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Nov 20, 2008 12:39 PM

Family in Paris - Need restaurant recommendations

Thanksgiving week in Paris - 6 of us travelling, kids 23-13years old. Looking for good recommendations for Sunday night and possibly Thanksgiving Day (although its not celebrated there).

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  1. There is a croissant place on Champs-Elysees across from the Marriott. Really good. Breakfast for two (croissant and butter and jam and coffee for me and my young bride) was about $35.00 in March 2008. Could be a bit less now with the dollar strengthening some.
    Two seafood places also on Champs-Elysees, one of which specializes in mussels, are also exceptional. Sorry, neither of us can remember either name. But you can find them. If you do, try the mussels with Roquefort cheese. Amazing.

    1. I think it is hard to beat a classic beautiful old brasserie for a group of diverse ages and tastes. Some of the better ones are Terminus Nord, Gallopin, Vaudeville, Mollard, Marty and Thoumieux. These are spread over Paris and one should be near you and they are open most of the time.