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Nov 20, 2008 12:26 PM

Cafe du Lac - Chef's Menu This Week

I noticed that the Chef's Menu features Duck in a Jar this week. Has anyone been and can you confirm whether it is similar to the Duck in a Can that is available at Au Pied du Couchon in Montreal?

<she asks with growing excitement>

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  1. Can you let us know where Cafe du Lac is?

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    1. re: likescrab

      There are threads discussing this restaurant on the board, complete with a link to the website which has the address:

      It looks like Tuesday or Thursday is a good night to go as they have some specials then.

    2. I went on Friday, and thought I'd update.

      Yes, the Duck in a Jar is just like Duck in a Can. Duck confit under fois gras under duck breast under cabbage with double smoked bacon under garlic confit. It was soooo delicious. Only complaint was that there could have been a little more fois.