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Nov 20, 2008 11:59 AM

White Truffle Oil

I received a bottle of excellent quality extra virigin white truffle oil as a gift. I'd like to showcase it in a thanksgiving appetizer. Any suggestions of a recipes that would highlight this ingredient would be much appreciated! I had planned on making the goat cheese balls (see this season's gourmet) and figs with proscuitto, but that could change if necessary.

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  1. What about some slices of toasted/grilled bread with sauteed mushrooms on top? Of course you can drizzle the truffle oil over all that. Garnish with chives/goat cheese/Parmigiano/herbs whatever you can think up.

    1. Sorry I can't get popcorn out of my head which I'm serving as a thanksgiving app. I've had popcorn with white truffle oil and its irresistible. Sit down app...sweet corn soup drizzle with white truffle oil. Grilled veggies either tossed in truffle oil or with truffle aoli for dipping for example grilled bacon wrapped asparagus tips with white truffle aoli. Homemade potato chips tossed in white truffle oil probably wouldn't be too hard to take.

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        I have a bottle of white truffle oil spray and use it just before serving mushroom soup. It is so delicous and really adds a depth of flavor to the soup.

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          mashed potatoes! even the gravy?

      2. I drizzle mine on potato soup. Pretty much anything you put it on will taste good.

        1. I love truffle oil on eggs..... so how about deviled eggs with a wild mushrrom and truffle filling?

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            THAT sounds like a nice idea. Deviled eggs are a common item for crowd appetizers and dressing them up to make them a little more gourmet-ish is easy and fun to do. It'll give people a surprise. Of course you can take it as far as you want with garnishes... caviar anyone?