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Nov 20, 2008 11:49 AM

$9.95/lb Lobsters for UESers

Just got two 1.35 lb lobsters at $9.95/lb (regularly $15.99/lb) at the Food Emporium on 69th St & 3rd Ave.

There were about 6 left today in the tank. They will steam them for free too.

I had mine way under-steamed and plan to poach them in Breakstone's butter when I get home.. mm!

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  1. I got lobsters at $4.99 /lb in Chinatown a few weeks back!

      1. Lobster prices seem to be way down..I noticed a lobster special at my local fish market, Pisacane, on first Avenue/52nd Street....any theories on why this appears to be happening? Is it a seasonal price decrease that happens every year?

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