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Nov 20, 2008 11:30 AM

Chinese Take Out in MontCo

I am still trying to find a Chinese take out place that I love near North Wales. Audubon has Little Shanghai, which I miss so much and is a bit far to drive for Chinese/get delivery. Any thoughts? We have had LaiLai and Hong Kong Kitchen...

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  1. I like Mandarin in Spring House, on Bethlehem Pike. Not a great eat in environment, not horrible, but good quality food.

    1. East Cuisine on Butler Pike just North of Skippack Pike is decent. Not fantastic, but above average. We usually get a beef or chicken with Chinese broccoli and Moo Shu Chicken. The environment is good for eating in too (not as fancy as Lai Lai Garden and a cut above formica tables and red vinyl chairs).

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      1. re: nevets

        I also heard they were pretty good. i intend to check them out shortly. They also have Sushi, correct?

        1. re: IamStarving

          Yes, East Cuisine has a sushi bar, but we have not tried their sushi (yet).

          1. re: nevets

            love the Sushi at East! We never had good luck with their carry out chinese-style entrees, but always get great food in the resto.

        2. re: nevets

          Got take out from East cuisine on monday night. Vegetarian lo mein and pad thai with shrimp. The lo mein was good, less greasy than with meat, and the pad thai wasn't cheap but came a little bit spicier as requested and I got three meals out of it because the portion was so generous. I ate there once and they had the simpsons on a big flat screen tv but set to mute. I could deal with that but then the older couple that got seated next to us were quiet polite conversationalists but the guy was Drenched in after shave so much so that it interfered with the taste of my food and drink. They seemed like regulars too. So I'm not taking any chances, it's to go all the way for me from there.

          1. re: givemecarbs

            LOL! Good call. I prefer take out to dining in at Chinese restaurants, anyway. Was it Old Spice? I hate Old Spice!

            1. re: IamStarving

              Actually I think it was Iam. Bleh. :)

          2. re: nevets

            I agree about East Cuisine (above average), but of suburban Chinese restaurants, in my experience, it's the one with the most vegetarian/soy dishes. Also, it offers steamed brown rice as an alternative to white.

          3. I'd go to Abacus at the corner of Sumneytown Pike and Valley Forge Rd. (Rt. 363) next to the Weis market. I've nothing but excellent food there for many years.

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            1. re: Chefpaulo

              I second Abacus for good food. Just make sure that your socks are pulled up, the owner can lay it on pretty thick (the special tonight...shrimp...they are so big you will swear they are lobsters!).

              1. re: nevets

                Totally 3rd Abacus!! Also enjoy Yantze, their sister resto.

                1. re: crazyspice

                  Eventually I will forgive Yantze and give them another try. Do they still have the koi pond there crazy?

                  1. re: givemecarbs

                    Last time I was there they did. It has been a few months. I am over Chinese food for the time being. I prefer Thai.

                2. re: nevets

                  Heh, Heh.. Rich.. like Donald Trump after taxes.. that's another one of Joe's lines. We drive from the Main Line, very willingly, almost 30 Min. to Abacus. Yes, it's THAT good!

              2. hey, I wish I could help but I don't live near North Wales. I do, however, live near Audubon and have been looking for good takeout. where is Little Shanghai?

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                1. re: wisey22

                  China Wok in the Giant shopping (corner of Trooper and Egypt) has good food. Basic decor and Audrey will greet you by name after a visit or two.

                  1. re: wisey22

                    Little Shanghai is in a small strip mall on Ridge...just prior to the intersection where Genuardis and Kmart are located. Never eaten there...but sounds like I will have to try it.

                    I live in Jeffersonville and have come to love Golden Key. It sits off Ridge...a couple blocks from the intersection at Trooper. Very good food, very good prices and they give you a ton of food. The containers are alway packed to the lids.

                  2. Have you tried LaiLai Brothers in the same strip mall as the Assi? Run by a brother of the owner of LaiLai Garden and has a Korean menu to boot! We tried both Abacus and East Cuisine based on CH posts and didn't like either.

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                    1. re: bucksguy14

                      Thanks for the suggestions, we will have to try East Cuisine. We liked Abacus for eat-in, but the place was so packed we couldn't easily grab a take out menu on our way out. We will give it another try for take out. *Wisey22- don't miss the "Shanghai wonton soup" when you go to Little Shanghai. It's my favorite- can't get enough of Chinese soups and this is my favorite.