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Nov 20, 2008 11:21 AM

Kitchen Superpowers - have one?

They call me the Tupperware Guru. No matter how much of something is left over after dinner, I can gauge exactly which tupperware will just barely hold all of it. Every time.

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  1. LOL! operagirl, i think you & i may share some DNA - i have the same superpower. when i was staying with my folks earlier this year, every time mom took out a container for the leftovers, i would always put it back & take out another one that would turn out to be the perfect size. eventually she gave up trying and just left it to me to take care of the leftovers.

    my other superpower would have to be loading the dishwasher...i can fit more stuff in there than even the manufacturer ever thought possible...and it all comes out clean.

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      Hello, my long-lost Twin!

      My job was always the food storage person and the dishwasher stacker, from the time I was about 9-10yo. Mom would tell guests "oh don't bother - Linda will get more in that dishwasher than anyone can even imagine - just let her do it. If you attempt to help, she'll just pull it out and re-stack it HER way." I guess a bit of OCD-ness coming out in me. :-)

    2. Operagirl - I'm much the same, but my tupperware superpowers are in collecting it! I can't ever have enough - all different shapes, sizes, uses, compartments, etc. Some with rubber snap lids, some with plastic screw get the idea. The round plastic containers that soup from Chinese takeout comes in - those are my favorite as of late.

      Other superpowers? Hmm, well I'm pretty good at cleaning up pots & pans while I'm still cooking and baking. I can't stand a cluttered counter, dirty dishes and stuff everywhere when I'm in a culinary frenzy!

      1. It'd have to be timing, without any sort of conscious plan. Since T-day is coming, and the usual freaking out of various family members over "will everything be ready at once?", this has been on my mind. I just always seem to get everything ready at the same time, even on the big day. I think making a list of things-to-do-and-when-to-do-them would just stress me.

        Now if I could just be invisible on those over-the-top feast days!


        1. I have two. I can make dirty dishes magically appear in the sink after I just did two full loads in the dishwasher.

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              You're one of my kids, aren't you?

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                We must be long lost sisters! ;)

              2. I have an incredible talent for kitchen timing. If dinner is at 7, everything will be ready at 7:00. If Dh is cooking and dinner is scheduled for 7, it will be most likely 7:30-7:45 and some items will be waiting on others.