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Nov 20, 2008 11:16 AM

30th b-day recs for vegas?? no info on other boards...

we'll be in vegas thanksgiving day weekend and i know this isn't the right spot but there's no other info on the other boards. should we go to:

l'atelier joel robuchon
gary danko
michael mina

definitely hitting up burger bar at some point as well. other suggestions welcome of course. we can't afford guy savoy. and it has to be somewhat reasonable - $150 pp max since there will be 6 of us and i know my stepfather will want to pay and i don't want him to think i'm taking advantage of him by picking the most $$ spot in town!

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  1. Supposed to be on Southwest-Southwest.

    1. I did a search of the SW board for all the Vegas postings.

      1. Hi Tastycakes,

        Wish I could help, but although I have been to Vegas many times, haven't been to any of those, although I have been to Strip Steak and Nob Hill - other MM outposts.

        I think in the land of overpriced over-stimulation and high expectations, I would just focus on what menu/cuisine sounds best to you, followed closely by atmosphere and comfort for your group, followed by price/ease of reservation and proximity to your hotel.

        Wish I could be more helpful! If it were me I would do Lotus of Siam :)

        1. Of those that you mentioned:

          L'Atelier ... I'm in the minority but I think this place is highly overrated and overpriced. I SOMEWHAT enjoyed what we ordered but $400 for 2 ppl with 2 glasses of wine each was a little ridiculous IMO. An example of what I'm talking about: we had one dish that was a prawn wrapped in some sort of crispy noodle. It wasn't a Thai prawn, it was just a large prawn. 1 piece per order. $20+. Give me a break. Not worth it, IMO.

          Gary Danko ... there is no Gary Danko restaurant in Vegas as of yet.

          Michael Mina ... This was one of my favorite meals that I've ever eaten in Vegas. Make sure to have the lobster pot pie if you do go. It's worth the extravagant price.

          Craftsteak ... I've mentioned here before but this is probably my all around favorite restaurant in Las Vegas. I've eaten there at least a dozen times and it's always on the money. The seared foie gras they do is some of the best I've ever tasted. I usually will get the Kobe Tartare as well which I think is a fantastic portion/value for the price. Can't go wrong with the grain-fed NY along with some of the sweet potato puree ( I'm assuming it's on the menu now that it's in season ), hen of the woods mushrooms, and/or the beets/roast corn/potato puree/ ... ah what the heck ... all the sides are pretty much on the money. I love that place.

          Good luck and enjoy your meals/stay!

          1. I've only been to L'Atelier, but I would note that it's mostly counter seating. So, it would be hard to converse with more than 2 people at a time. I did enjoy my meal there, but with six people at a birthday dinner, you might want someplace more conducive to conversation.