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Nov 20, 2008 11:13 AM

Christmassy restaurant in London?


Could anyone please recommend a really Christmassy restaurant in London - I am looking for somewhere that serves Christmas dinner and has over the top Christmas decorations, where I can celebrate Chrsitmas a few days early with some family who I can't be with on the day itself.

So far all I can find on the web if places that serve Christmas menu's but with no indications of the atmosphere/ decoration!


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  1. "Christmas Dinner" is on the menus of most places for at least half of December. Alas, I lived up around Chester and can't recommend any London places. You'll have no trouble with the food part, but the decorations might be an issue

    1. Any of the smart hotels will look after you in a Christmassy way, especially the smaller ones like The Cadogan, The Stafford (lovely), Browns, The Basil Street etc. Brace yourself for the prices though. Harrods Georgian Restaurant should also be fine. In the real world somewhere like Langan's in Stratton St. always has plenty of festive atmosphere.

      1. I've never been to either during the holidays, but I'd assume that the old reliables like Simpson's and Rules would have good decorations. The Rules website shows a beautifully decorated room, but they do close early (about the 24th) for the holiday.