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Nov 20, 2008 10:30 AM

Can you buy alcohol in Ft. Myers on Thanksgiving?

I am visiting my mother for Thanksgiving and do not fly in until Thanksgiving day. I told her I would be responsible for the wine but just realized some towns will not sell booze/wine on holidays. Can I buy from a local supermarket on Thanksgiving?????

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  1. Not sure about the hours of Publix on Thanksgiving, but if they're open you can get wine there. ABC is a large chain of liquor/wine shops down here & I would guess they'd be open on Thanksgiving.

    1. Your question interested me, so I looked up the Publix website. Right on the home page, they indicate that all of their stores will be CLOSED on Turkeyday. I'd make some arrangements with your mom in advance -- you might be stuck shopping at some drug stores that are open on Thanksgiving and seeing what might be available in their wine aisles, if they even sell alcohol and do so on Thanksgiving. Or bribing the flight attendants on the way into town to sell you bunches of those tiny little bottles!

      1. Here's the "jackpot". Total Wine is open all day (9 to 6) - this is a gigantic liquor, wine and beer superstore.

        1. Albertson's and Winn-Dixie will be open, Publix will be closed, SweetBay will close at 5:00.

          1. ABC will most assuredly be open, but you can call to find out for sure (search closest stores by your mom's zip code). they have a good wine selection. ps, their red "abc advantage buying card" is free, and gets you discounts.

            just a heads up: ABC stores are all over the place, unlike total wine, which is in south fort myers, iirc. though total wine may be closest coming from the airport... but i'll bet it'll be mobbed. certainly the largest selection around, but frankly, the ABC and the grocery stores aren't bad at all.

            ps, if you like pumpkin and eggnog, get some "hood's" brand pumpkin-flavored eggnog at publix's once they open on friday. de-licious!

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              Do check on ABC before heading over there Thursday -- the last couple of years they've been closing, at least the Orlando area stores, on the holidays. Cripes, that's just when you need them most!

              1. re: Scott Joseph

                yes, and the phone numbers are easy to find on the abc website, once you search for closest stores a/c zip code.